What's our food menu going to be?

Looks like the Argos have some interesting items on their food menu this year. Now if we could........

As long as the beer selections remain strong, food can be purchased before and after the game.

We had good options beyond the concession stands last year. Will likely remain good this year.

I have a suggestion:

Bite Size Chocolate Ears


Old reference, granted, but still a good one. :grimacing:

I hear those are good

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I'm hoping for a nice schnitzel on a bun. Maybe even a nice bowl of goulash. :yum:

Cabbage rolls.
Imagine if Staropolskie Delikatesy catered the games?

Of course, who can forget corn on the cob...

I have a suggestion:

Bite Size Chocolate Ears

Mike Tyson's favourite snack!

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Now we're talking. Real food. Never mind that nacho crap. :smiley:

Peirogies, schnitzel, goulash, cabbage rolls? Y'all are talking my language now. I bought a flex pack this year and it would be amazing to eat those kinds of foods while watching the Ticats at THF.

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Here's a menu for you : cocktail with Nova Scotia shrimp, hearth baked Ontario bread and butter, consommé with Winona sherry, Astro turf tossed greens, sliced beef tenderloin, baby Niagara carrots, roast potatoes Steel City style, Grimsby cherries flambe' with brandy and ice cream, coffee-tea-milk, crackling Grey Cup wines from Niagara by Andres Wines .
That was the Grey Cup Dinner Menu from 1972 .

Pat Lynch(the old gourmand)

How about a hot dog that is actually "hot" and a draft beer that is actually "cold" instead of a lukewarm one of each? And maybe for $7.50 total? :grinning:

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don't really need them hot because, Ti-Cats Eat 'Em Raw


Beer prices are going to stay outrageous for lots of obvious reasons.
But hot dogs. Geez. It's a hot dog.

I'll take the old BMO field menu...

Did they Hire Kays again ?
I loved the Pierogies. too bad it bankrupted them

I'm a little concerned a bout those roast potatoes "steel city style". Back in '72? Cooked on a smoldering slag heap, I suppose.

Shhhh.....we don't mention COTC on the Board anymore. Or has that changed with the shift to the new site?

Kays food was good. For sure.