What's On Your Menu ?

Obviously, the chips and dip are a must.

But, we have brewed up a big spicy pot of Jambalaya and I am knee deep into the Heine. :smiley:

What are you having today ?

3 alarm chile, pizza buns, pie, and a whole lotta junk food. (oh and likely to be followed by heartburn and a pepto-bismal chaser)

Pizza and Wings are a must during a big game!

we did something kinda fun (stupid?) last year.

We kept with the orange “theme” for snacks as much as possible. We had other stuff too, but we threw in as much “orange” stuff on the table as possible…we had cheezies, cheese with ritz crackers, a bowl of mandarin oranges and then, we had homemade Chinese food.

But it just looks great out on the table, to incorporate the team colors into the snacks.

Riders could throw in: guacamole dip; a veggie tray dominated by celery, broccoli, green pepper and ranch dip; a big bowl of caesar salad, etc. This wouldn’t be all, but the table could have a variety of green/white that would highlight the team colors.

Winnipeg, not as easy. Although you now have those “blue” tortillas and gold could be “yellow” stuff - peppers, cheese, etc.

Jambalaya sounds great!! A one pot thing like chili/jambalaya is always a good idea.

We had fun with it and the table looked really good. So much so that the pic we sent in to a Grey Cup contest won first prize (an autographed jersey).

Good luck today and have a blast!

I don't know, that's alot of veggies for two meat and potatoe provinces :wink:

Good job getting the jersey!

I'm going to be enjoying venison sausages on a bun with lots of spicy mustard and sauerkraut. Washed down with good beer......

Thanks. Well that was just on the coffee table stuff....we had homemade chicken wings, chow mein, beef fried rice and curried potatoes too. Usually, though, it's a pot of chili.

This thread's makin' me hungry!

Chile and beer!

stromboli's chicken wings - the greatest chicken wings on earth

Caesars,Wings,Homemade Burgers and Shrimp cooked in my special lemon sauce!!Yessir!!!

Where do you live MadJack? I love venison!!

…What?!..No Haggis?!..anna you call yerself a scotsman, bah, you dinna ken yer ROOTS laddie…

O.K., I'm coming to your house for the game.

Lets see...

We gots some beer, my grammas cabbage rolls and perogies..., uhh lots of chips, dip and cheezies..., Some other stuff as well

lots of snackie stuff like chips, dip, cheesies, cheese and garlic sausage and stew. Stew is in place for chile just for a change. It is also easy to get ready and serve so the wife can watch the game as well. Rum . I also have a crying towel on standby just in case.

So do I, which is why I'm having it. I live in Toronto (ewww) but I do my deer hunting down in the Niagara peninsula....have a great butcher down there (father~son team and they're German, so they know sausages!).

My Grandparents loved it but my Dad didn't so I guess I'am to Canadian domesticated!!!! Good one RedWhite I haven't laughed that much in a very long time!

debra,it's the caesars that make it lassie!!!

Madjack,I'am to far away to get there in time!!

Have a great time everybody!!!!!!!!!

Hamilton's famous Pugger Burger from O'Neil's.. a 1 pound beauty with all the fixins and a great side of onion rings.. and to wash it all down, 12 cold cans of Molson export...

Oh, I haven't had a Pugger in years! For those who've never had the pleasure, they tell you right on their menu that because of its size, they cannot guarantee that it will be thoroughly cooked. I used to love them, until I got one that was almost raw ground beef inside. Mmmmm...E coli!

We had wings, baby, plenty o' wings.

the classic pizza, wings, chips, chocolate, peanuts, and of course cream soda