Whats Next?

What will happen next with this team? Are they ready for the second half of the season? Are they a real contender for the Cup? What are your thoughts? :cowboy:

Same old.

Every second week I believe they are Cup contenders. This is one of the weeks I don't.

Winnipeg was blown about by the riders, B.C. blew out the Esks, the Esks blew out the Stamps, the Als were blown out by the tabbies. Every good team has been blown out this year.

These things happen.

What happens next? Prepare to kick Eskimo butt Friday night.


Ain't parity fun?

I'd rather have total TiCat domination. The rest of the league can have parity. :cowboy:

I think we need to go for it and change up our secondary. It cannot get much worse with the way Shivers and Smith are getting beat consistantly. I understand that Shivers is our safety but when we blitz he needs to be able to cover the receiver. Watching these two guys as veterns get beat is frustrating.

I would love to see Chris Rwabukamba and Loyce Means. These guys have been with the team and practicing and probably understand the system by now, and Im sure they won't do any worse. The fact that their young and hungry might help us as well. They may be more aggressive and play tighter defence along with going for the ball as well..

Just an option to fix our horrible secondary, which seems to be the biggest problem once again!