What's most important: Video Game, Expansion, or Stadiums?

If so then how come people buy other sports games even if they rarely watch them on TV even.

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we have a winner!!! that is one of the smartest things ive ever heard barnes guy say. I never watch NBA MLB or PGA yet I play the games and now im more familiar with players and the rules... it increases fan base trust me... I bet the CFL game is the secret to all of the poll choices...the CFL game increases fanbase everywhere, new rich owners run expansion teams and build those new stadiums and make teams in the areas where fans have been increased by the game...The gamemakers make money, the league blossums and its upperclass...
or it could tank and theres 5 mil down the drain on unsold games...but hey Blitz the league sells games and the whole game is based on a completely made up league of fictional players...
A diamond in the rough or another floater in the toliet of bad ideas.... i really cant say...

Oh yea and heres something for you Fantasy drafters in ur videogames to lick your chops about CFL fantasy draft....that would own. Charles roberts Geroy simon and Milt Stegall all on the same team and to top it off... Kyries Hebert as your safety woot.

It would be easy for EA to make as they could use the madden engine and just rework it to fit the CFL...same features and everything as madden 08 will have, just diff rules players and teams....

its fine,yes, but could be improved upon.

team ‘A’ plays the same 7 opponents numourus times per season, then again in the playoffs…year after year…how special is a labour-day or playoff matchup after we’ve seen these teams play 4 or 5 times before in the same season?

it could become very stagnant.

as we’ve seen, it leads to the same grey cup participants over and over. eskies als, eskies als, eskies als, lions als, lions argos…boring!

and its no fault of the als, eskies or lions…if they are the best, then fine…but more competition is needed soon.

take out your comic books and headphones kids this debate is going to be a long one... lol no really though the CFL could expand everywhere and I am all for it and want it to happen, but it isnt realistic... You need tons of rich Canadian owners to start a franchise, because every possible city has no stadium good enough to host a CFL game... Its gonna take a good $500 Million to get a new team in here and there just arent really that many people rich enough in canada... just my 2 cents.

I agree with that, Divisional opponents should be played.
But the rivalry between say Sask and BC is… well not.
or non-division Sask and Toronto?
the CFL should not go past 12 teams, 12 is perfect for a football league.
If 12 then teams get to play divisional opponents for 1/3 of their sched. Very nice.
or in a 10 team league it’s(likely):
12 vs. Division(3 vs. each team)
6 vs. non-division

if Pre-season games are vs. non-divisional opponents no team will play another more then 4 times in a year.
This year the Bombers play Hamilton 6 times and that isn’t including a possible 7th if they meet in the playoffs.
Same with Argos vs. Montreal

4 team division 2 of those teams will likely hook up in the playoffs. It’s all but garanteed one series will be 7 games this year. that’s horrible.

If you never watch it NBA, MLB or PGA, how have you grown the fan bases of those respective leagues?

After reading this no one should judge me about being pro expansion,lol...................
...This year the Bombers play Hamilton 6 times and that isn't including a possible 7th if they meet in the playoffs.
Same with Argos vs. Montreal

LOL Good one Barnes

go me eh? lol

There is a chance he may go to events? seeing how he seems to be a Bomber fan(thus in Winnipeg) not exactly like those leagues are close.

I don’t follow the PGA(maybe 10 mins here or there) so not sure on how close it gets, but Milwakee or St.Pauls are the closest Venues for MLB/NBA.

It likely means an increased chance to watch it, go to an exhibition game in Town(Raptors at the MTS center)

If you have some interest in a sport you are much more likely to watch it, say when the playoffs come around.
You can grow an attachment to a team, possibly buy their merchandise.

if a random person who doesn’t pay attention to those sports and is in a non-market will buy the games and start to like them, then couldn’t the same thing happen to fans in markets? Mainly younger kids who perhaps their parents can’t afford it so aren’t raised as a football fan.

get alot of 10 year olds hooked on the CFL, then when they get older they have a better chance to go to games, buy merchandise when they start having their own $$.

It may mean that he goes to an event. That’s why I asked.

Was it you who said you bought the Tiger Woods game? And you still don’t watch the PGA?

Of course, that isn’t to say that someone becoming a fan from picking up a video is a complete impossibility. I’m sure it could happen. But unless I misunderstood something in your posts, you’ve both illustrated that it hasn’t happened with you. So I don’t get why you’d think it would happen for a significant amount of people.

I honestly can’t think of anyone who’s ever become a fan of a sport by picking up a video game of it on a whim. I’ve become interested in other sports from direct exposure to those sports. Australian rules football is a good example.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not opposed to a video game. Why would I be? I just don’t believe that it would have the great impact that you think it would and I’m not sure it would be the great seller you expect it to be.

I’d be very interested in seeing the results of the CFL Nation poll on the subject from a couple of months ago.