What's more sacreligious to do?

Ok, what would be more sacreligious to do that would fundamentally change the nature of the game:

  1. Remove fighting from the NHL which would then make it basically Olympic style hockey rather than "Canada's game".

  2. Go to 4 downs in the CFL making the game largely American style football.

I'll go with no. 2 as being more sacreligious and changing the fundamental nature of a game more.

Earl you have too much time on your hands.

The NHL has basically gone to "No Touch Hockey" already. I'm surprised they still need to wear equipment other than Skates.

So I'll vote #2

But Sportsmen, according to a lot of hockey fans, fighting in hockey is an actual tactic that can be used to help turn a game around and many see this as something that should always remain in Canadian or North American hockey, removing it changes the game too much in some people's opinion. And it's been there for so long like 3 downs in Canadian football. And they are quite adamant about this like some people here are about 3 downs to keep it distinct from American football.

I'm surprised they still need to wear equipment other than Skates LMFAO

In the "New" NHL if you sneeze and you oponant falls down, its off to the penalty box! :roll: :roll: :roll:

#2 changes the game more, so that's my vote. Although with #1 I'd like to see the NHL remove the instigator rule to allow more fighting, which, in my opinion, would decrease the amount of high sticks and cheap shots.

As far as the penalties in the new NHL are concerned I personally like them, they allow the skilled players to skate and walk around the big clumsy defenceman like Derian Hatcher.

I dont know how true that is with the rule rule on taking a dive.

As for the fans who feel that fighting is a tactic are prob the same ones who think wrestling is real.

If you cant play hockey (or any other sport) without fighting, then you shouldnt be playing at all.

If you need to see fighting for hockey to be entertaining, then you are not a fan of hockey, just goonism.

Also if you cheer louder for a fight than a goal you are watching the wrong sport

I don't think you could ever make any significant rule change like that without changing the entire complexion of the game.

It's all so inter-connected.
3 downs...larger field...unlimited motion in the backfield....no yards on punts....missed field goals and punts for rouges that can make the last minute of a game very exciting...timing rules that make it more difficult to kill time.

A change to any of these would be sacrilege I say. As far as fighting goes, many games now have no fights, and a playoff fight is becoming pretty rare. Ahhhhh, but the nasty stick work to the face remains. Have you ever noticed the stick related gashes and shiners the players sport in the playoffs? And that seems to bother no-one


Disagree with many hockey comments here. There has been bigger and harder hits now as a result of letting the players skate at fill speed. It's great.

And I vehemently disagree that removing fighting would make NHL a European style of hockey. No way. Good tough hockey is not dependant on fighting.

Smaller ice surface, bigger hits. Not even close, IMO.

Sportsmen.. I know that you are upset with the New NHL but are you at least going to agree with me that we are witnessing a faster, more exciting brand of hockey? Plus, hvae you noticed those Dion Phaneuf highlights? Those are sick. Now HE is a hitting machine.

I agree the clutching and grabbing had to go. But there Refs are so intimidated with Bettmans "New " NHL there are far too many phantom calls made.

Trevor Linden lost and edge and fell down a month ago. The opposition team got a penalty for hooking and the stick and player wasn't more than 5 feet near Linden.

A complete joke.

Two guys fishing for the puck in the corner, One player steps on the puck and goes down. Penalty.

Another joke.

I find the defensemen are so scared of taking a penalty they don't hit as much as they used to, because if the guy falls to the ice the possibility for a penalty exists.

I almost think each referee has a buzzer in his pocket. Gary Bettman looks at his watch and says " Time for a basketball foul, oops wrong game I mean time for a penalty call. Time to buzz the Ref."

New NHL = Basketball on ice. Who needs equipment other than goalies?

Yawn... Shutup......

  1. pretty sad you equate Canadian Hockey, with fighting, fighting in nhl was used to promote USA expansion, and was used to promote AHL, Not every one agrees with career AHL,er D.C, good hard hitting hockey doesnt have to be violent hockey. imho

I agree with FYB, if you can't play a sport without fightng, you shouldn't be playing.

I'm Completely Siding With Sportsman On This One. Fighting Is Part Of Hockey, It's An Honor Thing. Look At Gretzky For Example, Players Would Shigh Away From Hitting Him Because They Knew That The Big Guys On The Team Would Instantly Be Picking A Fight With Him.

Before The New NHL Big Strong Honist Players Would Make It, Don Cherry's "Good Canadian" Type Players. Now The League Is Set Up For Little Weaselly Cheap Thiefs, Gery Bettmans Type Of Players.

It Wasn't Until The Seventh Game Of The Stanley Cup Finals When Then Refs Finally Let The Players Play The Game. With The Increased Stress On Not Fighting, Players Find Ways Around It. For Example If A Players Was Hooked, Or Cross-Checked In Front Of The Net And He Felt It Was Unfair He'd Just Fight The Other Player, And That Would Be It. Now Anytime A Player Wants To Get In His Revenge Shots He Has To Do It Behind The Play.

I Currently Play A Lot Of Floor Hockey And Shinny And I See Bigger Hits And More Fighting In That, With Out Equipment.