What's more important, Morality or Success?

So.. with all the rumours ramping up that the Esks are about to Hire Eric Tillman as their next gm..

and it is getting a lot of long time Eskimos Season ticket holders upset..

what is more important for the Eskimos? being morally sound and standing for what's right?

or trying to be as successful as you can!?

so do you not hire Tillman because it's not morally right? or do you hire him because you believe he's the best GM out there to make your team good again?

By rumors ramping up, do you actually mean fans tossing his name around online...? :expressionless:

I don't care either way.

well ive been hearing stuff all over, including the Esks figuring out how to tell their fans without pissing them off... so

Your question is loaded to say the least. You can be morally right and be successful surely.

Is your definition of “morally right” mean to not hire him. Is that what the morally right would do?

and if so is there a time limit to when morally wrong becomes right?

well there are a lot of Media guys who are saying, ya sure he's the right guy.. but it's not the right time to hire him on..

many fans are saying that they'll give up their season tickets if the Esks hire Tillman.


you posed the question and I’m asking you to clarify you own question not repeat some vague reports.

Can you answer what I’ve asked?


Morally they it's wrong to hire Tillman, despite his accomplishments and ability.


Given your intentions your post should probably read: Do you agree that its morally wrong for the Esks to hire Tillman?
Then I’d reply no I do not agree.

Your original post was asking “whats more important Morality or Success?”
My response is that they are not mutually exclusive

But there are several threads already going on about this.

morality is success.

I was going to give this a :thup:

But I'd modify it a bit...

Success without morality is meaningless

Deep philosophical question for the day:

Who defines morality? Where does morality come from? Whose morality are we going on in this particular situation?

that works

why mine, of course :wink:

you "heard" that by reading someone's supposition over at esksfans. That's not exactly rock solid proof now is it? 8)

FFS... some of us have been saying that for weeks!!! And only NOW do you sit up and notice?!? :roll:

Huge props to tommybluenose, Flag and FYB for elevating the conversation. Well done guys!! :thup:

So... while you are admitting that ET it could be morally wrong for the Esks to hire ET at this time (I even added some leeway for you) you still see fit to criticize comments about who the Esks should hire while intimating that it should be ET (you did that in another thread so you can't say you didn't).


I totally agree it's an important question. Not hiring him because he had an absolutely discharged brush with the law would be completely immoral.

What is Edmonton, the bible belt of Canada? As potential sexual offenses go, his was about a 0.5 on a scale of 1-10. Everyone involved in the case pretty much agreed that it should just go away, even the young girl in the case and her family. The judges decision reflected on the lack of severity in the case. The man did a stupid thing by grabbing the girl’s behind, but keep in mind it was done under the influence of medication, he had no prior offenses and no offenses since the incident. How many of us could have all of our indiscretions stand up in the full view of the court and media. How many of us would still like to be unemployed and be considered “morally reprehensible” for something we did under the influence. Again, I’m not saying the man did nothing, but he did a hell of a lot less than other people out there working in Edmonton do everyday. It is time this whole “incidence” is over and the man gets back to work. I would hire him in a heartbeat.

This is not about Tillman’s indiscretions. It’s about hysteria based on false accusations and misinformation and nothing else.