What's more Canadian, Stanley Cup or Grey Cup?

Tim Hortons, Gord Downie and the Stanley Cup - it doesn't get much more Canadian than that.

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Read this today, opening sentence in this article, and while I would say hockey as a sport being nothing more Canadian than that, I'm not sure about the Stanley Cup at least when the Cup final is played between 2 American based teams.  Yes, I know that the SC is most every kids dream to win and many of the players on any NHL team are Canadian.  But the SC is awarded to the winner of the NHL which is a league with many more American based teams than Canadian and really is just more or less a pure business model.  I say the GC which plays in a league with all Canadian teams and isn't on the business scale of how it operates like the NHL, really an American controlled and operated league afterall, is more Canadian, depending how you define this of course, than the SC.  Just how I see this.  Also, never seen the mounties bring out the SC like they do the GC, or Briere or Tournament of Hearts also I think they do come to think of it.

Although reading this again, it does say "doesn't get much more Canadian than that" so I guess this does allow for say the GC to be more Canadian than that, not by much, but by some measure.   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

i dont like tim hortons and i def. do not like the Hip. and i dont really follow hockey anymore.....i guess im not canadian.

Stanley Cup, Hmmmm Where have I heard that before? Is it for that league that has twenty power plays a game? The league where if your opponant catches an edge and falls down YOU get the penalty?

Now if you had compare Memorial Cup to Grey Cup...... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Both started here both trophy championships have a huge following in Canada, many Canadians aspire to win it and yearly play for them. I see the Stanley Cup and Grey cup equally Canadian, and thats probably one of the reasons the Stanley Cup championship has poor viewship down south and always will.

whats more canadian?
well it depends how you look at it is it based on how often the trophy is in the country? (GC)
is it based on where the players are born and raised in and win the trophy? (SC)

One is a trophy that is won by a team that is usually composed of mostly Canadians, but based in a US city.

The other is a trophy that is won by a team that is composed of mostly Americans, but based in a Canadian city.

How messed is that?

Yup, it all depends on how you define what is "Canadian". At the end of it all, it's just words and writing for writing sakes. I don't think the Stanley Cup finals with no American teams in it get the TV numbers of a GC game usually but I'd have to check on that. But again, this is just another way of looking at it, not necessarily the best way.

Actually, I don't think you can definitively say that either is more Canadian than the other, for some of the reasons stated above. Actually if you think hard about it, the cups were donated by two Lords-- Lord Stanley of Preston, and Lord Earl Grey.. so does that make them British?

Actually, the majority of players on each CFL team are Canadian.

I would say whichever Cup is the oldest, is the most Canadian. The Grey Cup (Lord Earl Grey, also known for his tea line) donated the Cup in 1909. The Stanley Cup (Lord Stanley, also known for the park) is a relative upstart and is the epitome of hockey in the U.S. Canadian content in the NHL has been watered down in recent years to around 50%, which is fewer Canadians than are playing in the CFL.

Owing to the shorter history of the Stanley Cup, the U.S. location of the majority of it's franchises and Cup winners, and the delusion of Canadian content in the NHL, the Grey Cup is more Canadian on all scores!

GREY CUP !! :thup:
CFL has 8 Canadian teams, nhl has 6, more Canadians play on CFL teams than nhl teams, GREY CUP has better rating in CANADA than the stanley cup.

Just one flaw with the theory.. the Stanley Cup was donated in 1892.. 17 years before the Grey Cup existed.

Grey Cup is definately more Canadian.

I still enjoy the NHL, but I feel too much has happened that has ruined the league (removal of Canadian franchises, teams in non hockey markets, conferance rankings for playoffs (HATE THIS), too much parity (salary cap has damaged the league to the point where a single injury can destroy a teams chance at winning the cup or one players hot streak can win a cup for an undeserving team).
Overall the NHL just feels like NBA Jr now. They copied them too much. I barely follow the NHL these days.


Yup, something seems fractured to me about the NHL where I don't see a heart or centre - maybe the better word is soul because it's too big and yes, NBA jr would be a good analogy. Still enjoy it must say but too many games where the players seem to be out for a shinny skate and just pick up the money.

This shouldn't be a competition. Both should be enjoyed equally. Both leagues have been a huge part of Canadian culture for a long time.

          Xvys, for the record, there are more Americans on a cfl roster then Canadians. Each team has to have 7 N.I . Starters. So at the most you would have 16 or 17 Canadians on your roster.  You would have 27 or 28  imports on a roster. ( 44 man roster )

No that is incorrect

Maximum of 19 imports plus the QB

The roster size for a CFL team is 46 active players with 42 available for game day rosters. Three of the 42 are quarterbacks and can be either imports or non-imports with no restrictions. Of the remaining 39 players, no more than 19 may be imports. Therefore the maximum amount of imports allowed on game day rosters is 22. Training camp rosters are set at 68 plus all non-counters (i.e. draft picks and two additional players not selected in the current draft year).

Good to know . But 22 out of 42 is still more then half. Plus the practice roster is loaded with Americans.

Considering the Stanley Cup hasn't been won by a Canadian team in nearly two decades, I'd say the Grey Cup is more Canadian! :lol: But seriously, Canadian hockey needs to get their act together. It's time to end the drought, boys.

You can renounce your citizenship at the border. :stuck_out_tongue:

At one time it was the stanley cup,but now 100%canadian is the grey cup.It will be the sport i raise my children on.thats how strong my feelings are on being a canadian.

^ I just noticed your name? Are you actually from Canmore? My sister lives there. Nice city, but not a whole lot there.