What's Marty York smoking?!

Another interesting point.

Winnipeg is closer to all three eastern teams than it is to Vancouver. So if the East is not interested in the game because it's rep is not close enough, then really, when Winnipeg moves back to the west division, can BC make the same comments? :slight_smile:

Onknight, if there is nothing in the Grey Cup that interests you, by all means, watch the NFL. That is a right you have. I am sure there will be lots of Canadians in the East that will want to watch the CFL. I still watched the Cats play even if they were getting blown out every week because I enjoy the CFL. Enjoy your day.

Of interesting note: I wonder what would happen if it had been been a with cross over Toronto - Montreal matchup. Would the fans being saying no I won't watch it. Yes, some would. But then again the majority wouldn't.

I suspect those fans that say they would perfer to watch the NFL to a WInnipeg - Sask game are only saying it because they won't even be watching the NFL.

Yes he says it would have been more exciting locally had the argos made it, but of course it would have been. The same goes for any Grey Cup, it would be amazing if the local team made it to the big dance. I don't think he said anything crazy.

The focus of the article was a Kevin Glennless Winnipeg Blue Bombers. That's why he's saying it will be a disaster of a Grey Cup. I hope the Riders win the Grey Cup, but I don't want a blow out either.

I do think that the tv ratings will show however that this Grey Cup match up is just as good as any other.

That's easy...Because getting Nick Kypreos to give insightful commentary costs BIG BUCKS!!!

I would still watch it. :thup: :thup:

Guys, remember its Marty York writting this. Only the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson have written more fairy tales than York. I wouldn't lose any sleep about what Marty York writes

No, Sportsman- I actually believe York has written more fairy tales than the Grimm brothers. lol

Seconded my good man. Seconded.

What an idiot. Man I've always hated this guy. I remember when he was on TV and he used to do that stupid figure pointin thing for his send off just so he could have "his signature thing".

Its funny these CFL bashers, pro NFLers are also hated by NFL fans in Canada too because they don't know nothin'. Buncha losers.

Funny you just mentioned that cause I was just thinking CFL fans are the only ones that would even know there names. I could ask all my NFL friends anyone of their names and they wouldnt know a single one. That would go for 99% of NFL players to though.

Quote fr. article:

Regardless of the imaginative spins from CFL voices, the Grey Cup game, and the pre-game festivities in Toronto, are bound to be letdowns.

The Argonauts could have saved the week and stimulated local interest had they qualified for the championship match, but they were eliminated at their home dome by Winnipeg in the Eastern final. They were overconfident and underwhelming.

Should rename the article: "Toronto Argonauts Ruin the Grey Cup and All Festivities by Not Representing the Centre-of-the-Universe-Edition Grey Cup. I Refuse to Enjoy Myself and So Should You."

Can't wait for his player awards follow up. Wah.


How do you know when Marty York is B.S.ing You?


His lips move!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

As far as TO being overconfident and underwhelming, why doesn't he mention how well Winnipeg played. Charlie was a power, Milt was Milt. Armstrong looked like he could catch anything and Kevin played really well. Our defensive was finally relatively healthy; they haven't been for the past month or more, and they came to play.

A lot of people forget or conveniently don't mention that Winnipeg was, in fact, first until the very end and then only lost first place by l point. During the last month or more our D was a different D (many of our top players out at once such as Canada, Bolden, etc.) more unhealthy than they were healthy. 2007 stats: Don't count out Simpson the top tackler still playing in the Grey Cup; or Roberts the top rusher and touchdown leader still playing in the GC; then don’t forgot Winnipeg’s 3- l,000 receivers who are healthy and playing in the GC while Saskatchewan did not have any receivers in the top 10 this year (although they did have 1 - 1,000 receiver #11); then you have Canada whose the highest sack leader still playing in the GC. All these any many more excellent players waiting to play hard in a “Do It For Milt? attitude to send this world class athlete off in style and place the Grey Cup in his well-deserved hands. None of the ones I’ve mentioned include Glenn whose unfortunate injury has derailed his Grey Cup performance. The team works as a team and will play as a team. Win or lose. They will give it their heart, and you will get a great show.

Why would anyone want to miss Milt Stegall’s possibly last game in the CFL? We should all be proud that he played in the league - he’s an all star that has already made CFL history. The fact that he loyaly chose to play all his years in Winnipeg should not diminish his great success.

My last point is that my husband and I watch the game every year regardless of who is playing partly because we love the game so much and also because we like to watch players that may play in the future or have already played for Winnipeg. A lot of the league’s players are transient for sure, and the players on the field on Sunday may be future stars for your teams.

Saskatchewan and Winnipeg are two community owned teams whose GC appearances have lately been long and not often in coming. The fans of both have never given up and deserve this chance to showcase their teams on the field on Sunday. Please don’t marginalize it for us. We’ve waited a long time-- both of us. Enjoy!

For those interested there are tons of grey cup tickets on "kijiji" and ebay. Prices started off very high, now they can barely give the tickets away. I talked to a person from TO who lives near the area of the scotia tailgate party is at. He says there will be tons of scalpers givng tickets away for next to nothing.
Many people believe that there is no way of getting there(to TO). Air Canada and west Jet has put on extra flights at reduced costs starting today.
Anybody wanting to attend the festivities are excellant. Tickets will be able to be obtained at the gates.