What's Marty York smoking?!

Did anyone see Marty York's column in the Metro news today? He basically said only a few CFL diehards will be catching this game on Sunday! What a tool! Hey Marty, I think they should call your paper the Metro Enquirer since very little real factual news ever comes from you! :wink:

I really think Marty is actually afraid (probably goes with his personality) that the GC without the Argos might just suceed, he seems determined to spell out in big bold letters that this GC will be a funeral in T.O. as he says. Marty, you Chicken S____ you. :wink:


Funny, cause if the game had been between BC and Toronto, I would have had no interest at all as I don't care for either team. That being said, because I am a CFL fan, I would have watched and cheered for individual players.

Pretty sad that he thinks the CFL fans would be more interested in the game as long as Toronto was there (and if you read closely that is EXACTLY what he is saying). He must be one of those guys who thinks the world ends at the outskirts of the city.

its okay he will eat his words when the CBC numbers come out and show how many Viewers will be watching this game.

Marty York is a bit of a turnip head but he is entitled to his opinion i spose. I think he goes a bit far but he does have a bit of a point, that being when you dont have a "big money" team in the finals the interest drops a bit. this is true in every league for every sport. It sucks, sure, but thats life. I have no real interest in the game except for the fact that its the grey cup and its football, so ill watch and if it sucks there is always a number of other games on that day :smiley:

Nobody cares what that retrobate writes in a suburban Toronto shopper about the CFL.

Well after reading that. I sent an e-mail & told him what I thought of it & him.

IMHO he's a fool. The article says he's spent 3 decades as a reporter. lol Glad it wasn't here.

He’s just scared guys, that’s all, give the frail weak guy a break. :wink:

the guys a moron...

he actually told me to not email him anymore.. ahahahaha

Be nice cfl, shouldn't upset someone too unsettled and afraid of things. :wink:

For a Change I agree with Marty
This all west Grey cup Lot people from East will be Tunning out .

I will be watching the NFL
Who care about a all west Grey Cup

Why turn to the NFL ? Are you an American or something ? That makes no sense to me, it's still the league championship game, regardless who is in it. Do you have more affiliation with the USA than Western Canada ?

While I generally regard Marty York as a raving lunatic, there are very few GC matchups that capture the whole country’s interest. If SK were not in it, I’d watch primarily NFL next Sunday…flipping back and forth between those games and the GC. And I’m a life-long, card-carrying CFL fan.

This is just reality. There’s no crime in acknowledging it.

You and Marty.


To NOT watch the championship game, even though you have an anti-Western Canada bias, is just absurd. No self-respecting football fan would miss it. People who don't watch the GC are the same ones who would be fair-weather NFL fans.

No I am Ticat Fan 1st.
a Football Fan 2nd .
a CFL Fan 3rd

To me This looks like a Mismatch.
Plus it an all West Game.
It has to no Interest for me at all
I will Get the Score on the news at 11.

Now if it Was a Real East Team like Hamilton Montreal Toronto
I would tune in.
Winnipeg Dose not stand a Chance
Plus they are west Team Playing in the East

I Rather Watch The NFL Games Cause the Match ups Will be better then Grey Cup

Listen, the more we (as in the CFL community) scream and holler about the big, bad NFL, or anyone who supports it, the more insecure we feel.

The GC is a huge event, but for some, their affiliations play a big part in their level of interest. So what?

Some care about it alot all the time, others vary depending on the teams and circumstances of the game. My only regret in this the appearance of being on the side of Marty York, who, as I tried to point out in my first post, I regard as having the intellect of a houseplant and I enjoy about as much as a zit on the inside of my nose. But listen, if Eastern CFL fans are less inclined to watch on account of the match-up, (a) I'm not surprised; (b) there's no shame in admitting that; and (c) it does nothing to denigrate the game itself. The only thing that does is questioning one's CFL fandom whenever they profess anything les than total support to the exclusion of all else. That just screams insecurity, and I think the CFL is above that.

Ugh - take a look at the NFL games
SF @ Arizona
Baltimore @ San Diego
Denver @ Chicago
Philadephia @ NE

Not much to choose from there for decent games.

I can understand your frustration with not having a team from the east. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. For me, if the game has Montreal or Toronto from the east vs Edmonton or BC in the west, the game itself doesn't interest me. However, the fact that it's the grey cup and a chance to gather with other CFL fans to watch the championship game draws me in every time.

The only thing that annoyed me with the York column is that he would have written the same thing if the Lions made it in. His whole point was that without Toronto in the game it would be a flop.

....another important fact you missed Artie....is the Grey Cup game is SOLD-OUT.....and those not wanting to use their ticket and take their seats...your prerogative....... the T.V. numbers will always be great for the Cup...interest is high right across our country for OUR football spectacle...nuff said.. :rockin: :smiley:

Marty York USED to work for Sportsnet, but doesn't anymore...wonder why?

If anyone has a GC ticket, but doesn't want to go, put an advertisement in the Regina or Saskatoon papers...it'll be snapped up faster than you can say BOO!