What's limited seating going to look like?

The Ticats have 6000 Season Seat accounts ranging from 1-4 seats per account. They had , before Covid, between 12-15,000 season ticket holders attending each game. I forget the article I read confirming this. So if the league would allow 10% to 30% percent capacity then yes, some sort of lottery might have to happen. Maybe not if people opt out.

And on the flip side the Argos would have to triple their base just to get to the minimum 10%

that lines up with what my ticket advisor told me.

6K accounts. but accounts range from 1-4 seats per account. Minimum 12K season ticket holders...

(but not all have paid up front for the upcoming season....those who have paid up front would get front of line no doubt)

I received a refund last August , but my ticket rep said they are holding my seats and my account open and when games are actually announced, for real, I can buy back in. I don't know if I would automatically become second tier in a lottery because I received a refund.
( disclaimer: I know the season might still not happen) .
I am putting this at the end of every post I make about the 2021 season from now on, because a few weeks ago any post I made the was speculating in a positive way about the upcoming season was often answered by someone telling me it wasn't going to happen.

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told ya so... :slight_smile: