What's limited seating going to look like?

Lottery? Draft? Higher prices?

My guess would be a Lottery amongst Season Seat Holders that say they want to attend. I think it would be a mistake and bad PR to raise the prices, but who knows?

:sunglasses: Depending on exactly how many Season Tix holders there are, then those

folks would automatically get first choice on whether or not they want to use their tickets or not for each game !!

Any tickets left over from the not used Season Tix holders could then be sold via a
lottery or what ever means they decide upon !!

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At this stage they don't know if stadiums will be open for limited seating or any seating. Will it be September before enough people are vaccinated and the provinces give the go ahead?
If they don't open up by September, then how is it any different than last year? the owners/teams kept waiting and then they decided in September that it wasn't worth playing with zero fans in the stands.
We can all guess and the teams can talk about limited seating when enough people are vaccinated by September but they have no idea.
If not open by September then let them work on 2022 season, Hamilton gets the 2022 Grey Cup and Regina in 2023.

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We all know it might not happen, the question was how might it be rolled out.
In terms of how it is different , last year they were going to do a 2 month hub with no attendance and players in hotels. This year there is a potential for some fans at some point and the owners also know that cancelling two seasons in a row will damage the league more then any short term financial loses in 2021. There is no way they are doing all this cost cutting and player signings and not planning to have some kind of season.


Yes, but it's still the same old - just speculation/guesses, we don't know if the owners can afford to pay players/coaches/staff while only receiving $4m each in TV revenue. Our league needs "bums in the seats" and concession revenues etc that go with it. The owners love the fans that pay $12 for a beer and put away 6 or 7.
I just wish we knew by June, don't like the "let's just wait another month and see if things get better"

Each team gets about 5.5 million each from the TV deal if a full season is played but yes, I know what your saying. This year will be even more disappointing if they cancel the whole season after all these daily announcements of player signings and Grey Cup ticket hype. Very disappointing on a dishonest politician kind of level IMO. I am fine if they want to cut the season ( and with it salaries) down to only 10-12 games to save money, but to not play at all would be devastating for the league and it's current fan base and talent pool.

Don't forget that the TV revenue is split 10 ways, that's why I said $4.3 MILLION the CFL headquarters takes their share, they have to pay rent, their marketing dept, salaries and Ambrosie making close to $1 million.
I just looked at the Esks public financial document and the TV revenue is listed at $4.3 M same as the Riders, all teams would be the same

I did not know that. Thanks for the info.

I don't see another lost season. They have to do something. And i don't think it's unreasonable to expect some fans in the stands like the NFL did.

Saskatchewan has already been awarded the 2022 cup in lieu of 2020, so it would be 2023 before it could be awarded to Hamilton again (which is assuming there still is a league that plays football in 2023 - if no games in 2021 not a sure thing by any means).

So do they ask fans who want to go about how many beers they will commit to drink and assign tickets on that basis? :joy: THAT should make for an interesting 4th quarter in the stands!


And just think of the lineups at the urinals. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That's a good idea...............fill the limited seating with the guys that spend $300 for the club seats and they have to agree to buy at least 6 beers.

Personal blue rockets? Easier to social-distance when there is no lineup, eh?

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I am not aware of how much open real estate, ie: vertical and/or horizontal space @ each stadium there is, but if that space can be filled with tiered 6' benches on berms, even, it could be a viable addition. Having seen semi-permanent stadium structures go up and down over the years at various international games and @ Indycar street road racing venues, it's doable. There are also examples of semi-permanent seating at the F-1 in Montreal and Monaco. Montreal's move to The Big "O" is perfect. At 6' spacing, it might accommodate a >25,000+ fan opportunity which is about what McGill could hold. How far along is the Atlantic stadium? That could be a start to modifying them. The architects won't be happy but the fans will put their bums in seats.
Additional standing room could be factored also. I suggest modifications try for vertical,then horizonital would be easier. 6-8 beers will need a wall to pee on. LOL

Question : What's Limited seating going to look like ?

Answer : An Argos game.


Or a Montreal Concordes exhibition game at the big O in 1983.

Actually maybe that’s ‘unlimited seating’

There's the money tree . Charge the users . I recall Jonathan Winters saying he'd pay $100 to get into a pay toilet . :smile:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

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