What's left for the CFL after the NFL draft?

So many players are stranded with no place to go.

If the NCAA web site for students is correct, there were over 16000 football grads last year in the NCAA alone plus the CIS players and the students who left early plus the other league players.

This is what was taken in the 2016 NFL draft by position. It seems like so few taken with so many available.

Does anyone have the CFL draft by position?

The following is the breakdown of the 253 players selected by position in this years NFL draft.
36 Linebackers
33 Wide receivers
32 Cornerbacks
22 Defensive tackles
20 Offensive tackles
20 Running backs
20 Safeties
17 Defensive ends
15 Quarterbacks
13 Offensive guards
9 Tight ends
8 Centers
3 Fullbacks
3 Punters
1 Long snapper
1 Placekicker

I wouldn't be able to provide details because I saw little more than a headline, but it seems like college coaches are trying to make it so underclassmen who are not drafted in the NFL could return to school.

I can certainly see the motivation. If a junior thought he was good enough to enter the draft, he must have been a standout on your team so of course you want him back. Might just create a flood of underclassmen declaring though, since the risk would be minimal.

The guy drafted late in the 7th would have quite the hill to climb.