What's it going to take.

sooooo whats it going to take to get the roughriders playing like roughriders again ?

they are

We need to win this game and then I believe we will go on strong from there, The team simple has a monkey on there backs but I strongly believe once they get that next win, the slump will be over and we will go on to win many games. Besides, it was Calgary that started the slide, the guys will be pumped to make it right!! JMO :cowboy:

They are not nearly as pumped up as they were at the start of the season. They need to get that passion back I'm thier game.

This will be a rough-tough game, probably close, and Riders will have to play hard, smart, and well for the full 60 minutes--especially in the trenches and even moreso if the weather is windy and wet.

I rarely make predictions, but I do believe the Riders will win this...by 11

Offensively I agree.

Just cut DD loose...tell him to roll more and not be afraid to chuck it away...dont force it...it is not a one man army.

Oh, and start running to the outside a bit instead of up the gut, and run a screen per half, and a couple options per half