Whats in a name??

Ok just getting off the football topic a bit... let things cool down hehe...
I am curious about everyones handle?..while some are obvious (Red&white)
others peeked my interest...Drumming God? ok I am a hugh Neil Peart fan who do you worship?

Mine was a nickname I picked up when as a younger Lad... I got my first Credit Card...I was so exicited as I opened up the envelope to find my first name ..which is Denton was Spelled Dentor..everyone got a good laugh and the nickname stuck ever since

My name is from Greek mythology, There was a very powerful god of the long bomb named Ricky Ray, he played for the best franchaise ever known to man, the esks. hence we cheer " GoEsksGo "

Mine is simple. Green for the 'Riders, Grey for the Grey Cup (and yes, there's some on the 'Riders jerseys - or at least, there used to be. I've only been able to see one game this year :x so I don't know if the new Reebok ones include grey or not. Didn't notice).

Anyway, I figured that the only place the 'Riders and the Grey Cup were mentioned in the same sentence was in my dreams, so I may as well use it for a handle. Maybe it will spark something. :roll:

LMAO!! GoEsksGo good one :slight_smile:

i don't WORSHIP or have a favorite drummer.......( i have a fav band - oasis ) i have a different style than anyone i've heard.
i think there are some good ones.....Ringo, Tre-Cool from greenday, Lars from metallica.... just to name a few.

i don't really try to emulate a certian style....

to me, the drumming i appreciate the most, are the ones that aren't the OBVIOUS beats...i like the ones that innovate and do something 99 outta 100 drummers wouldnt have thought to do....but if its gonna be different, it HAS to suit the song, and not be so complicated that it distracts from the song.

i like the innovation where, the drumming is SOOO good that an average song becomes a classic ....Example, Come Together or Get Back by the Beatles.....ringo did drumming 99% of drummers wouldn't have done...but it made 2 average songs amazing! ( but, i don't worship ringo or the beatles )

i dont like drummers that DOMINATE the songs....

I thought maybe you were a lousy driver!

My name is Kelly...Kel for short...and I am #1...Kel1

Ego? yes...at least I am honest...however I admit I think some people have some real cool names...

Absolutely no meaning to my name. My real name is not Billy, bill, william or anything like that. I also am not really a big fan of soup. I made this name for Napster about 5 years ago, and I have used it ever since.

My name is Tyler McPherson, and I'm a really good basketball player so they call me T-Mac because it goes with my name, and because of the basketball player (Tracy McGrady.. don't let that fool you though. My favourite basketball player is Kobe Bryant.) Anyways.. I like the Eskimos so I put it together.

mine may sound strange , but it is me just saying hello as a greeting.

Mines pretty obvious....soon I'll change it to Argonauts 05 Champs.

LOL keep dreaming Argonauts_04_Champs. The only way there gonna win the cup two years in arow is if there the only team in the CFL :twisted: ITs all in good fun though lol. Good luck to you and your team on Labour Day. Your gonna need it :wink:

There is a fomer topic abou this, I forgot the title, but mabye the Mods can show you.

I don't feel like expalining it again. sorry.

like wise to you. but your really go need that luck. :lol:

hmmmmmmmm Mad Maxxx was a college nickname............a girl who was very drunk may I add said I looked like Mel Gibson.........................I wish