What's in a Name... Karma!!!

I started this topic in the Sask forum but it was deleted. Let’s see if it survives here. :smiley:

For those of us who hope for the return of the Rough Rider Name to Ottawa but hear it is unlikely because of resistance from Sask, todays game seems like justice. Sweet justice.

The Gret Cup comes East where it belongs!!!


It was deleted in the Rider forum because it is a troll post. This one will stay. Read the guidelines if you're unclear.

What is a troll post?

Going into the Sask board and telling them they got what they deserved. The team boards are safe havens.

im trying to be nice but this guy sounds like an idiot. :roll: obviously they lost because the gods aligned and decided because they didnt want YOUR team to have their same name, they decided to have them lose...its obvious now that you mention it :roll:

I agree. It is obvious. I am glad we see thing the same. :smiley:

Maybe there is only enough karma in the Rough Riders nickname for one team. Saskatchewan has been more successful in recent years than they had been in a long time. Saskatchewan and Ottawa shared many mediocre/poor seasons when they were sharing the name. :lol:

I would look at it differently.

When the Ottawa team is named Rough Riders they will be as successful as the SRR.