What's happening with Kyries

Has anyone heard anymore about Kyries Hybert. I can't seem to find the latest on his arbitration hearing. I dont' want to be negative here but if he wins the CFL would look like a joke. Sign a contract in the CFL and it don't me s@#t.


...agree totally....the guy seems to be intent on ruining his career...don't know how he figures he's going to win the arbitration...nfl is passing him by...Hebert is NOT getting sound advice...I haven't heard anything of late...but i am concerned about the amount of time it's taking to come to some sort of resolution...time is ticking.. :?

Last I read is that the hearing would not happen until mid June. Seems there is a problem finding an arbitrator. Sure sounds like the CFL wants out but does not know how to go about it. How hard can it be to find someone who can read a contract, interpret what that contract says and arbitrate. From what I read here, there are a lot of people who posts and I am sure could do the job. Get one of them.

This whole thing would have been unnecessary had Taman let him try the NFL in the first place... it would have been the decent thing to do, but Taman chose to take a hard line and look what it is creating.... you are posting here about his arbitration hearing instead of focusing on TC and the players that trying to make the team.... if the hearing goes the bombers way , that is great for them, but the NFL is passing him by because of the mess Taman created up here....

yogi posted an email from him on ourbombers......go have a look....he is content to sit and wait until the hearing..

...HEY SAMBO....when are you going to realize that it's HEBERT WHO IS HOLDING THINGS UP HERE...NOT THE BOMBERS....we have done everything by the book....if there is any problem or moral issue ...that would be on KYRIES SHOULDERS....the Bombers are only doing what any football club would do....and that is to get a man to honour his contract...so lets quit the bafflegab... :roll:

No its Taman who is at fault here, he COULD have said, Ok take your shot at the NFL, but then if that fails you are our property... so the whole situation of a hearing in the 1st place COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!!!!! Why not focus on the guys WHO ARE IN CAMP, INSTEAD OF THOSE WHO ARE NOT!!!!

we arnt focused on those who are not for one. and 2 why should he? is there a contract that says he has to come hear if he doesnt cut it in the NFL? i dont think so. why let a good player go, then try to outbid rich teams like edmonton montreal toronto and BC for him. that would be just plain stupid.

Kyries was in the same boat as the rest of the Renegades players. The team folded and he became available via dispersal draft.
Many CFL insiders predicted he would be a first round choice, with the only negitive factor being his 5 yr,million dollar contract. Sure enough he was over looked because of the price. All players who did not get selected via the draft,then had to clear waivers, before becoming free agents.
From what i read, the Bombers were punching numbers to see if Heberts contract would fit in their budget, given the fact that as you can see Taman was busy trying to build the best possable team after a UGLY season. It was at the last minute but Taman picked him up. I can't see how anyone could knock a GM for signing a great player such as Kyries. Heberts agent should be the fall guy, because he should not have even talked to a NFL team until he was sure Kyries was a FA. He was the same guy who was happy to sign a five year deal in the CFL less then a year ago.

I wonder if Hebert would have held out if another team like BC would have picked him up in the last minute.

I feel the League should be dealing with players greivences who are under CFL contracts, before making shady deals to bring in a player who is already under contract with the NFL. What league do we care about.
If anyone should be worried about Heberts future, it's the CFL. He's just sitting and that ain't exciting to the fans. I thought we want tallent in this league.
Let's bring in Ricky, and let Hebert slip away, after he commited himself to five years in the CFL.

That's one man's opinion....

Me thinks Sambo has never heard of a thing called a contract

His contract was with the Gades and they folded. End of contract.Didn't the Bombers learn anything with Ricky Bell. You don't win by fooking players over. Taman is an hidioot.

Exactly, but if the Bombers and their fans want a player who would rather be somewehere else , then so be it. Good luck with Kyries, cause you will definitely need it.

…well my friend …you have probably got a lot of players on the Riders…who would love to be somewhere else…because that would be the dream destination for all CFL. players (nfl)…dosen’t mean you scrap their contract and entertain their aspirations any ol’ time THEY feel like…and once Kyries realizes that his future is contigent on playing for the BlueandGold…everything will be cool…he’ll be a nice addition to a team on the move up… :thup:

In Ricky Bell's case the Bombers would not budge for greedy Amarican players demanding big bucks. That's Lyle's stand, not Taman. The Bombers are like the Eagles in the NFL. You have a choice, play or don't play. If you do play, it's under Bomber terms...

Listen to yourselfs bomber fans, your literally trying to grab hebert by the balls. and first off, being picked up off waivers doesn't mean you signed a contract with that team that picked you up, it only means they are the only ones who have the right to OFFER a contract. It doesn't mean you own said player, and let's be realistic here, let's say you guys went about this in a civilized manner which most CFL teams are around now a days, how many CFLer's actually go to the NFL and succeed, not many. SO what are the chances hebert goes up to the States, being an undersized linebacker, and actually gets to play, or stay on the team. Jackie Mitchell from the riders was in the same boat per say, in he wanted to try the NFL, Sask said hey why not we're perfectly fine with it, he is roughly the same size as hebert, he got cut? Came back and now he's a rider until we cut him haha, but if you let someone go do their thing, and they dont succeed, the winnipeg blue bombers are going to look just fine for him. And he's not even under contract, any players not taken in the dispersal draft are treated like free agents, and you can pick up free agents off waivers, doesn't mean they signed with you, i think thats what we're forgetting here

[quote="jamierensby"]Listen to yourselfs bomber fans, your literally trying to grab hebert by the balls. and first off, being picked up off waivers doesn't mean you signed a contract with that team that picked you up, it only means they are the only ones who have the right to OFFER a contract. It doesn't mean you own said player,

the only problem with your little story there Jamie....is that the Bombers do have a contract with Hebert...they assumed it when they picked him up on waivers...and also paid him his bonus....so you see he is a little more commited to Winnipeg than you realize..Winnipeg management does not play games with contracts...you either honour them or hit the road...witness the Bell & Bobo scenario...I have a little sympathy for his situation...BUT....he signed the deal...now lets get real....the arbitration will in most likely -hood...favour the Bombers...so lets get on with it...thats show-biz..

Point of paying someone who obviously doesn't want to play with you guys? As soon as the bombers fans get that through your head, you guys can both go your seperate ways. and bonus' can be repaid, look at ricky williams situation in Miami, he is repaying 8.6 million because he retired, so money is obviously not an issue and i'm sure if hebert gets a crack at the NFl, he wil gladly repay the peanuts you guys gave him for his bonus

kyries is a chump they should cut him loose

why cut him, trade him and get atleast something for him

Who are you going to trade him to? Nobody else wanted him... that why Taman picked him up to begin with...