What's happening to Rider Nation?!?!?! Half time speech

Everyone's giving up! What the hell!?! I posted a thread about who would win on saturday and it's 8-4 calgary with most of the 8 being rider fans, and most the negative comments comming from rider fans. Thats not the Rider way at all, look we had what 2 bad games? Have we had bad games before? YES! Why is everyone so down on our team all of a sudden? Hey, this is the CFL! Any team can win at any time! Unlike the No Fun League! Come on my fellow posters of Rider Nation! Gain your Pride back! Don't turn into some of the Esk or Stamps (no offense) fans and start jumping ship afte 2 games! We should be used to being patient with our team. Tough times don't last, but tough people do! Now let's get back on that horse, Ride into McMahon and Rough up some whining dancing cocky Stampeders! WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!

it's the reality of the situation.. I'd love for the Riders to win, but not in their current situation i'm afraid.

I'd be extremely surprised if they won against the Stamps.

We've had 4 bad games, but the first two games, our opposition had worse games.

It'll be a really exciting first half of a football game. If you turn it off at halftime you won't be disappointed and depressed. Those of us that stick with the team until the end will see a terrible excuse for football in the second half, because that's what it's been all year.

I'm waiting for Tillman to shake up the coaching staff. Until something like that happens, I don't expect any drastic changes on the field.

Nice Speach! Ride 'Em' Rough!

from your second paragraph it tells me we have had 2 bad games total, add up the 4 second halfs to get 2 bad games. you are right in that we need to keep the pedal to the floor after half time. if we do that we can and should beat any team in the league.

I think in the end, being a Rider fan is a sickness. No matter how pissed we get when they lose, come game day we are there to cheer and HOPE for a win. Even those that say they are done with them are secretly happy to see if they've won. Rider Nation is the best but the fans of the new era expect more and are less patient, me included. Could you imagine driving from PA to Regina, watching a game like last weeks and driving all the way back to PA? Believe it or not that happens and those fans certainly deserve more!!

I don’t think that any of us have given up. You have to take into account the state of the 2 teams. The Riders have not played well, and are relying on qb’s who have very little playing time along with a banged up O-line. The Stamps on the other hand are really playing well, and should be a lock for first place in the West this year. As far as who’s with you, I will be at McMahon wearing the Rider green. And if they lose, I’ll still be chearing for them next week too.

Don't get me wrong, I'm going to be at McMahon as well, and I'm going to be making my first visit to Percival Molson in a couple weeks ( Aug 21 ) too. One day I'll make it to Mosaic, but it's so hard to get tickets .....

…so are you:

a) fatherly calm, clean shaven with a brush cut, jacket and tie and a Stetson ‘Ashburn’ hat, or,
b) scowling and loud, disheveled hair from the headset, hoodie with the team logo, waving a clipboard around?

…this is important you know, to set the scene…

Oh im defently A) im like tom landry lol

Your pep talk worked and we beat the Stamps. Maybe it's time for another.