What's happening Eskimos fans?

I was just looking at the attendance numbers for Calgary and Edmonton. Both have had five home games (or at least they will after today), and Calgary is averaging about 36,142 fans while Edmonton is averaging 33,124.

What's going on? We used to lead the league. Now we're losing to the Stumps? :o

Don't forget that the Stamps sold something like 5000 additional season tickets, as fans wanted first shot at Grey Cup tickets.

They were saying earlier that so far 37,000 tickets have been sold for the re-match. Not bad. They said there are about 40,700 fans at McMahon. Seems beatable. :smiley:

Look to the idiots scheduling all theThursday night games. By the way, it is Stamps, only little kids use sandbox names.

I totally agree . For an example I went to the BC / Als game, by the time I got home and in bed it was 1:45 only to get up at 6am for work, not sure if I would do it again but my Son got a Beautiful BC lions Lunchbox . (the next morning I ran over it with my Truck,HAHAHA) I told him it was by Accident.)

Well, our defence may have cost us the game, but at least we beat Calgary's attendance. We had 46,212 fans at the game last night.

Gotta take our victories where we can get 'em... :lol:

Well if I can take one positive from the game at least the Fans came out . Not sure if they will get that many again after the D's performance.