What's great about the CFL

I am getting sick and tired about all the negativity about our great league by certain contributors. So, I thought I would start a little more positive topic.

What negativity?

Yeah.. Where is a fluff piece on a charity that Mo Price and McDaniel work at... Where is the story on the Argos teilling kids not to bully people... I think the CFL has lost some of its community feel over the last half decade... I'm not sure teams spend as much time in the community as they used to. From what I can tell here in Vancouver, the Seahawks are the ones going to schools and spending money on charity programs... The CFL experienced a fundamental shift once it's survival was no longer threatened, and even Mark Cohon's talk of a CFL video game looks so pie in the sky now. Now it's about the owners getting back all of their money... Once the owners get all of their money back, then maybe they will reinvest in the league, and rebuild the community feel each team used to have...
As for what I love.. As of late the fact that Canadian running backs are actually getting a chance. I also love the Argos.. They let players out to f their contracts if they have an opportunity to actually make a living, and they keep guys like Kackert around,and don't dump them in a Wally Buono minute. The survival of the Argos has been in doubt, so it is probably the reason they act like human beings, and try to keep what few fans They have engaged with the team... I can imagine them telling Kackert.. Well we have no office for you ,but you can be our strength and conditioning coach...haha

I think you got your answer Mark7

Anyways, what’s great is Bob Young and the true faithful of Hamilton are being rewarded for years of persistence. All the teams except TO are making money (and they are moving into BMO which will hopefully benefit them), the US TV ratings are expanding and slowly filling the summer niche for US Football lovers and so far this season has shown a lot of parity up until the recent demolitions Hamilton, Edmonton and Calgary have subjected Winnipeg, BC and Ottawa to.

Especially being able to relate to the players whose average salary is around $100K instead of the grossly overpaid athletes earning millions in the other leagues.

Bang on Tom, couldn't agree with you more.

Mrs MadJack and I have met many CFL players over the years, and almost without exception they are very friendly, approachable, and just downright nice. I am pleased to have several as friends on facebook/email (I'm not on twitter).

Only two I can think of that we didn't like on a personal level, and given the positive nature of this thread, they shall remain nameless.

Someone once referred to the CFL as a league where a fan can offer a player a beer and the player will take it and appreciate it. That pretty well sums it up right there.

Before a game recently I was walking around Lansdowne Park. Saw Ernest Jackson drive by, and later inside Antoine Pruneau was walking around with (I believe) Abdul Khanneh. Everybody's just doing their own thing, totally down to Earth.

Meanwhile, I've told the story before of a friend of mine inviting an inactive Renegades player to a tailgate. The player refused because he said he accepted a similar offer once when he played in Atlanta and someone tried to kill him. O.....kay.

The new PAT rule. I like that you have to earn that point now.

The fact that officials are mic'd up so they can talk to each other from across the field virtually eliminating those momentum killing officials conferences.

Despite the fact that the game is an unnecessary flag fest games are still mostly coming in at under 3 hours which can be attributed to the fewer conferences and the new rules put in to speed up the game.

Argos finally have some stability at the ownership level and are finally getting out of the Skydump.

And most of all the parity. Last season was horrible because of the massive disparity between east and west. After this weekend 3 teams have 5 wins, 4 teams are within 2 points and 7 of 9 are within 4 points.

As with any CFL season there are problems that need to be addressed, but there are still positives about the game.

If bungle is pissed off, then everything is great about the CFL.

Let's "tackle" the communities and Canadians in general, I'm aware of two "goals" that involve the League, Players and truly dedicated CFL fans--Tackle Hunger and CFL PINK.
If you watch the games as a Canadian Football League fan, forget NFL, NCAA and Canadian College football, you will see great Professional Football, played by great Professional Football Players and followed/supported by great CFL Fans.
My personal feeling is that Canadians should be proud of Their League, the Canadian Football League!

I agree on the Argonauts, they do a fan day before each season (it was a Oshawa this year) and we went to the Argonauts annual corn roast yesterday and had a great time. Lots of players there to speak, sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Plus great food and a silent auction.

In a world of Globalization, the CFL is all / just ours. :thup:

I think more than a few remember in Week 2 the game that went to overtime between Toronto and Saskatchewan in which both teams fought to the end. Toronto 42, Saskatchewan 40 and back then for Toronto that was an upset. Those classic games show the best of not only the CFL but also gridiron football.

Well, there is some bitter sweet to the injuries this year. The nice part about a smaller league is that when you have a lot of key injuries like you have this year, you see a lot of guys that regularly wouldn't see much action, if any at all, step up and make a name for themselves proving that they are the next gen of heroes in our league. In the no fun league, if you are down to what was your 3rd string QB becoming your starter, you can usually see a trade kicking in from one of the many other teams for an old vet / second stringer.

Here is what the Riders were doing during their by week.....

[url=https://www.facebook.com/saskriders/photos/a.193103111540.141253.11693281540/10152909073131541/?type=1&theater]https://www.facebook.com/saskriders/pho ... =1&theater[/url]