What's going to happen when we miss the playoffs again this year???

  1. We are 2 and 3 with Masoli.(who has completed only 4 tds in 5 games.)
  2. Has thrown 5 interceptions.
  3. Masoli is looking weaker every game.
  4. We now have no experienced backup QB.
  5. A weaker O-line with the lose of a starting O-lineman.(Washington)
  6. Traded our #2 QB to a divison rival, as well as two good O-lineman this year.
  7. With the weaker O-line, its possible that this could cause injury to our #1 QB.
    with no backup to fall back on.

There is no way we are stronger after this trade.If we miss the playoffs what
should happen?

I think Tillman should be shown the door now and the Caretaker consider
getting rid of Micheal at the end of the season.

  1. Misleading since Masoli gets the ball down to the 1 yard line and then Timmis pounds it in for the TD. We have several rushing TDs.

  2. Reilly the leading passer in the CFL has 6 interceptions. Masoli INT % is only 2.8 which is lower than Reilly, Collaros and Nicholls.

One would hope what I called for last season happens. A managerial house cleaning.

This. Completely agree. Management trying to sell us snake oil on how this makes any sense.

  1. Sure, but it's not like he hasnt had several red zone visits coming away with only FGs.

  2. Mike Reilly has thrown 9 TDs and has a record of 3-2 and was last year's MOP. He's got a bit of a leash to work with, being proven and all.

Yeah but he couldn't beat Mediocre Masoli.

But thats exactly Masoli's problem. Inconsistency. He plays really well against EDM and then shits the bed two weeks in a row against a much worse SSK team. So which is it? Who do we actually have? I dont think we should mortgage the farm on someone who can't put it together each and every week when you need him to. We should easily be 4-1 and had a chance to go 5-0 but we're 2-3 because of bad, inconsistent QB play.

So you're saying that absolutely EVERY player and coach did everything in their power, utilizing their skill sets, decision making, and avoidance of mistakes in order to win these games. But somehow Mediocre Masoli offset all of this perfection and has cost his team 3 games so far.

Then the answer is simple. All Tillman has to do is find the perfect QB. There seems to be an abundance of them floating around. Montreal just found one sitting on our bench and we didn't even know. :wink:

We won't miss the playoffs.

steve: OK. Got it.
I assume you are referring to your Hubert Humphrey signature line when you wrote this comment? :wink:

Since you guys can predict our future for the team,
Who are we going to pick 1st overall next draft? :wink:

I'm more concerned right now about who our third string quarterback is going to be this weekend. Right now, we only have two on our entire roster.

  1. Won't make any difference who we pick.....we won't be able to sign them anyway !! :-[ :-[

Nikita Whitlock ;D

Tua Tagovailoa

Guys ... we are sitting in second in the East right now after five games, and haven't even played one of our rivals. I ain't happy with the current state of affairs either, but this season is far from over. It's not even Labour Day yet.

Toronto and Montreal aren't looking any better than we are right now last I checked, probably worse. Could we miss the playoffs? Sure, but it's not likely unless we completely crap our pants down the stretch with a very friendly schedule.

We traded our backup quarterback who never played a down, can we all just relax for a second? lol Probably not but it's worth a try. Now if we continue to lose and Montreal makes a turnaround with Johnny, then you can light the fire and start roasting everyone from Bob Young down for this failed science experiment. Lots of question marks, but I'm not going to be the guy who gave up on this team after five games just so I can say "I told you so" at the end of the season.

Lots of football left everybody, buck up. The real season starts against Ottawa on Saturday.

We started 0-too many last season.
Started our 2018 campaign in Calgary, Edmonton, with 2-Sask and a Winnipeg.
As a follower of this team what would you have guessed our record would be after 5 games before the season started??
2-3 or 3-2. That would be where most fans would have put our record. Now we have bolstered the lineup and made our decsion at to the teams QB. We are not in bad shape.

You can argue this back & forth for ever and nothing will get fixed. Okay we traded off a 2nd string QB..big deal...and O-linemen?? trade all of them because they couldn't stop the rush anyway...not even SSK's...which is only fair. So who is going to be our new #2 QB??

For what it's worth, I had us at 1-4 with our only win against Sask at home. We're in a good spot considering the ridiculous schedule the league handed us this year.

our 3rd string QB

who is now #2