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I can't believe that it has been 5 days since the debaucle in To and no announcements. Nobody brought in to replace Toliver, no help in the OL or Defensive secondary. Waste of the bye week.

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in Kent Austin office. The sad part about it the team or Austin is unwilling to confirm or deny Tollivers injury or make any moves at all to shore up the O Line. I believe they simply do not have the depth or the coaching expertise to dig themselves out of the huge hole Austin and Tillman have dug. It is certainly a sad state of affairs for the Tiger Cats team and fans.

The O Line is on Tillman, he brought in 5 candidates for right tackle and the best of the group got smoked last week. They have no run game to speak of and their feature tail back can not block to save his life. It looks like the arrogance has caught up to Austin and the lack of quality scouting. This could be an ugly year. I certainly hope not!

^^I don't agree with a lot off what you posted. Tillman did not get dumb over the winter, dude is a proven top GM in this league.
The one point you mentioned that i totally disagree on is CJ not being a good blocking back. He is an excellent blocking back and unfortunately in the Austin offence that is what he does more than anything else.

That's OK this forum is for open debate. I will revisit this topic later and see what has developed. As far as Gable, he is old news and Austin continues his man crush on players that are past their prime. Tillman brought in two players that look like they can compete, Coleman and Hill. I don't see anyone else that is even close to the other new talent in the league.

And i do agree with you that the OLine was totally mismanaged. I do not understand how it is that hard to find a RT especially an International. There must be a veteran RT that can still play out there. Roll up the sleeves and beat the bushes. Could he be in camp already? A 3rd round NFL pick has to be an awesome prospect! 19 NFL starts to his resume.

And yet our QBs are consistently hurried, hit and sacked. Is it not possible to devise a blocking scheme that would use Gable's seemingly superior talent to help protect them? As I say in another thread, last year we blamed Dyakowski, this year we are apparently now focusing on Swindle. Why aren't Gable's vaunted talents showing up? Lord knows he is not running the rock anywhere!

Gable can only block one man each play.

8) The best of all this is that no mention of Tollivers season ending injury due the torn ACL has even been mentioned in
   the Spectators sports section at all since last Sunday !!!

   Then again, what else is new with the Spectator !!  They have yet even  to mention the death of Frank Kush,  a full week 
    after the fact !!  The Spec is a small town, rinky dink , so called paper,  when in reality it is a pathetic joke !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

    I can see them folding up within a couple of years, and I will relish the day that they do.  <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->

     Their so called editor in chief,  Paul Berton is another total joke !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Bye week. No media availability.

If Drew Edwards, Justin Dunk or Steve Milton can't get info from the CATs , then what is the Spec supposed to publish. There is nothing to report as the team hasn't been practicing.
As far as recruiting players.....what the hell difference does it make to you if nothing is reported? Why let Sask know anything about our personnel we may or may not be bringing in. Maybe no news is good news. Or there is nothing to talk about.

Why is this even about the editor or the Spec. You seem to hate it....don't buy it...don't go online and read it.

Lenny, sometimes we just need to vent - we're too old to cry :slight_smile:

Are you saying that they do not practise during the bye week?

That's right Teddy, they don't practice during the bye week. Probably has something to do with CFLPA union rules about days and hours of practice before a game. They probably won't get back to practice until Sunday (maybe Saturday?) in preparation for the Rider game.

Bye week buddy that's why it's quiet !
I am very interested how Tricky Ricky Ray makes out tonight against BC how many fans at BMO 10000!!! :lol:

If you haven't figured out by now that Austin and Co. are the most secretive team in the CFL, then I guess you never will.

Another “long and whiny road” season with lot’s of Austin’s bug-eyed sarcastic post game interviews with Drew Edwards having the audacity to question him. Can’t wait. :roll:

Kind of surprised no one has posted this, but Tolliver tweeted this in response to Drew Edwards' article:

Can't Be Denied?Verified account @TToliver80 Follow More Can't Be Denied Retweeted Drew Edwards How did you get your information I don't even know what I have?!Can't Be Denied added,

My guess would be that either Junior Collins comes off of the 1 gm or if he can't go then rookie Damaar Aultman gets activated off of the PR for the next game to replace Toliver in the lineup. Unfortunately with both being listed at 5' 11" we would be losing 6 inches in height as opposed to Toliver and his 6' 5" frame as a target downfield .

The argos didn't show much on and off the field (stands looked empty) last night...

They looked as inept as Hamilton did the week before.

I guess the parade in TO has been cancelled for now....

Unreported in the media, to my eyes and ears, Terrence Toliver was put on the 6-Game Injured List on Thursday.

Copied from cfl.ca/transactions:

ROSTER 29-Jun-17
HAM TRF TO INJURED INT Terrence TOLIVER (WR) Louisiana State – to Aug-17^^ (Aug-05)