What's going on with Ungerer?

Well only two more sleeps and we'll find out .

I don't believe you actually sleep the night before the game....your doing in depth pre-analysis of the game and searching for memes on the net, no?



It's called research . :laughing:

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The rare art of actually knowing what you're talking about on a forum. A strange concept to some. HAHA


Making the trip this weekend gotta prepare all of my notes for the hr and 8 min train ride from west habour go to exhibition go this saturday

Jones was no doubt brought back cause of Ternowski injury

No doubt Ternowski will end up on one of the injury lists prior to the game

Yes, I was amazed that I was still in the system. It looked alot different in the olden days. And I was more amazed that I remembered my password.


Well don't wait another 11 years to post. There's lots to discuss around here. :wink:


My hat's off to you, bobo, for being right on Jones starting, and replacing Ternowski, while Ungerer remains on the P.R. There's gotta be a story there, regarding Ungerer, unless it's just that Ternowksi, Smith, and Jones are all faster.


I know for a fact Ternowski is great on special teams too so that could be part of it

Good point.
Let's check and see if Jones is on any special teams tonight.

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