What's going on with Ungerer?

I've been away from the game this season so far dealing with health issues, and I come back to see a receiver I had great hopes for on the practice roster.

Can someone enlighten me as to how the hell he goes from starter in 2021 to the PR in 2022. Is he worse or is someone else that much better?

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Good question . If I had a good answer for you I would tell you . He went from starting two games ago to suddenly being demoted to the PR these last two games . Go figure ? Just remember though , we are talking the Ti-Cats here so you can throw logic out the window .

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They started Durant in his place vs MTL, and they might have wanted to see what Ternowski brought to the table as well.

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Obviously the coaching staff believe Ternowski and Smith are better options to have in the line-up at wide receiver right now. Look for Ungerer to dress against the Argos this Saturday in place of the injured Ternowski. The only question would be would they start Ungerer or Smith?


Possibly Ternowski and Smith are better on special teams. Not like the Z gets many passes.


He seems perfectly built for the slotback position but they always use him out in the throwaway nothing Z receiver spot. I can picture him developing into a Weston Dressler kinda player but they won't try that.


I couldn't agree more. He's got great hands and pretty decent speed.

Ungerer had a nice TD last year where he broke some tackles and just refused to go down. He could be utilized as a possession type receiver like Stala or Tasker. We need all the help we can get when trying to convert 2nd and long.


Sadly it would appear that the only reason we utilize Canadians as receivers is too fill out the ratio for the gameday roster . I'm thinking that the days of using a Stala or a Fantuz or even a Jones as an effective weapon in the artillery are a thing of the past unfortunately .

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Well we just signed the third guy on your list .

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Cause of Ternowski being injured . they likely don't feel comfortable with Smith starting just yet with him having one catch and him being a rookie

Figure Stala and Fantuz will not be interested in a come back. :smile:

Nah. I ran into Stala at Costco a little while back. He's moved on with his life.

Yeah he has a building supply company now , he still hangs out with some alumni such as dyakowski sometimes


Fantuz is employed by the team technically for ticats audio

Seems pretty clear that Ungerer lost his job to Ternowski, as suggested above. Has little to do with Durant, that just allowed them to start another American on the O-Line. Sometimes ability to play special teams is a factor in getting the starting position as that outside receiver and Ternowski was better at that.

The Jones signing was not a good sign for Ungerer. Agree with others that Smith is probably too green to get the job - at least for now. His future looks bright.


You haven't posted in 11 years ?!?! Holy Hanna banana where the Hell have you been hiding anyways ? I honestly can't believe that you would still be in the system here on these forums after all this time .

Just to put this into a little perspective the last time that you posted on these forums our QB was Kevin Glenn , Dave Stala was our Canadian go to guy and Andy Fantuz had yet to sign on with the team . To top it all of Dave Ungerer was a 15 year old sophomore in high school . :dizzy_face: :scream_cat:

It will be interesting to see, on Friday, who gets that starting spot, on the chart, and who backs up, there, where it was Ungerer/Smith for the first 4 games and Ternowski/Smith the past 3.

Jones is already shown as being on the active roster along with Ternowski and Smith with Ungerer still being listed on the PR .

If I had to hazard a guess I would think that Jones and Smith remain on the active roster and Ternowski will be placed on the IL .
Ungerer will remain on the PR and the depth chart will show Durant and Jones as starting Canadians and Smith as the reserve .

If you're right, bobo82, that would be telling Ungerer, they now have 3 guys, better than him for that spot, with one of them out injured, and that the club now believes it may have made it mistake, keeping him, over Jones, after 2019.

I think Jones was brought back only as insurance against any further injuries, among our NAT WRs, and that Ungerer and Smith will be dressed this week. However, I wouldn't be, at all, confident making a prediction on which one of them will start.