What's going on with Trent Richardson?

Had to come over here to these forums to ask this one, but I'm very curious as to what's going on with Trent Richardson. Can't find anything online anywhere other than he's on the suspended list. Is he home with family/personal issues? Alex Green lost a family member so the Ticats had him on their suspended list but he's back now.

Seems really odd to me the man would sign a 2 year deal and join the Riders late last season, play only 4 games, and then just not report this year. Does he have an NFL offer and does he want out? Does he just not want to play football anymore?

Like I said I'm very curious here. Like Manziel, CFL is his last chance to make something of himself in pro football so for him to walk that quickly is just weird. I was looking forward to watching him for a full season. Thanks.

thought he could show himself in a game and be back in the NFL. Wonder how NFL staff would see his desire now :smiley:

not suited for CFL ball.. good riddance

? how so? He was doing very well.

I agree, I think he’s perfectly suited for the CFL

Whatever his physical skills, if he has neither character nor intelligence, he's not suited to playing up here in Canada. Case closed.

I heard the same thing about Duron Carter. After meeting the guy I have to say he’s likely smarter than most of us in here.

Oh? You are super familiar with his intelligence are you? He picked up the playbook extremely fast...so we will agree to disagree on intelligence. I highly doubt you know him or of his character and are basing this simply on the fact he decided, like many have, that they did not want to play in Canada. Case closed.

I'm not it would seem the only one underestimating his intelligence then:

That question of yours I can certainly answer anyway. NFL staff would now view him as a malcontent and potential cancer on their team.

When it comes to character I cling to the old-fashioned notion that a man's word is his bond. And a written contract casts his words in legal iron.


He made his stance extremely clear from day one...he was only interested in one year. He did one year but a one year contract is not possible. So long as he plays nowhere else he has kept his end of the contract.

You must be deeply disappointed on a daily basis.
You make it sound like Jesus Christ himself is shaking hands here

Jesus Christ? Isn't he with the San Francisco Giants?


We're not supposed to discuss baseball in these CFL threads though.


Nice....lol ;D

Couldn't help it

Anyone think Richardson could come back after NFL camps end?

Huh?! How can Trent Richardson be participating in an NFL camp when he's under contract with the Roughriders?


Woops. Good point.

Richardson came out today and said he will play for Birmingham in the new AAF league.

When does his contract expire, and when will the AAF start play?


Technically it expires Feb 14 (Or whatever) 2019.

While hey may still be under contract by SAD preseason/camp...probably not...it really won't mean much. It starts the last week of February

I believe it was said by jones in an interview that he was released by us so that he could pursue other football opprotunities in the US as he was in a custody battle for his kids and if he returned to Canada to work he was going to loose.