Whats exciting about next season?

Besides looking forward to how your fav team does next yr, what else league wide are you most interested in.

For me, I am really looking forward to hamilton QB situation. I am hoping to see more of williams, hoping that he excels and takes over starter.

Will Printers be the real deal, or will he falter
Will Williams be the real deal. Will he get the chance to show it.
How will the training camppre season battle go.
If printers falters, how long before fans turn on him.
If printers does well, where will that leave williams for the next season.

For next season I want to hear someone, anyone, say that they are building a new stadium or are seriously seeking a CFL expansion franchise.

Not that the CFL is going stale, but the same 8 teams year after year with most still playing in the same old decrepit stadiums they had when they joined the CFL?

Its time to throw some paint on the old girl.

i hope Printers doesn't falter, I just bought an autographed jersey of his at the locker room sale. I am looking forward to seeing if the Riders can repeat, I wouldn't be so shocked to see them come in last next year.

im torn between a printers jersey and a lumsden jersey.....life is so hard!

either one is good, both are young and show alot of promise

I’m pretty curious to see how Hufnagel does in Calgary. (not sure if I can be “excited” about anyone other than my own team though)

I don't expect a sudden and dramatic turn around in Hamilton. That team has a LOT of work to do. But if they can get off to a good start and win a couple of games early they might be able to build on that.

I have a sneaking suspicion there could be trouble in Regina, especially if the Esks suddenly figure out how to win again with Maas back in the lineup.

Montréal's a huge question mark for me. Will be interesting to see what's happening there.

Get both!

Grey Cup in a real CFL city with the TSN guys!

i can only wear 1.

i think id rather have a lumsden jersey, but he's in the last year of his contract and will probably bolt for the NFL. whereas, casey has a 4 year deal, so a printers jersey would be good for alot longer than a lumsden jersey.

Lumsden won't go to the NFL, he's tried it, he's to injury prone. He might as well settle in in Hamilton and give up the NFL dream.

Yes, Grey Cup with the TSN boys will elevate the stature IMHO, this is great!

Also some rule changes, I want a 15 yard end zone so this can be the standard for new stadiums to bring the fans closer to the action, more like the NFL stadiums. That’s right, I said more like the NFL stadiums and I don’t apologize for saying this, the CFL end zone is too long and puts the fans too far away. Actually, maybe even a 12 yard end zone would be enough now that I think about it. The CFL needs to make this happen especially since I see the Argos moving to BMO field in the next few years and the reconstruction work there needs to be done right once.

Also, I want a real crackdown on defensive pass interference to really open up the passing game. And maybe a 10 yard halo on punt returns would open up the return game more.

Im with FYB. Lets see if Printers is the real deal in Hamilton.

I hope they announce some thing about Ottawa. Either Yes they are comming back or no its dead. The longer it drags on the longer the "Casual" football fan finds other things to do.

And Finally, can the Riders repeat? New coach, New QB?

I will be looking forward to the penalty for Jimenez in the new season. The change in coaching staff how this effects the teams that have had changes.

Yeah, good point 2005. Its now February and still no decision by the league. And they want to know why the Anti CFL media keeps blasting away..... :roll: :roll:

It will be an interesting year, every team has its challenges. Some bigger then others.

For Montreal, it is can they rebound or will the slide continue.

For Toronto, the defense saved them last year, will they have an offense this year. It is doubtful.

For Hamilton, it is getting on track with the core players they have. They have had difficulties doing that over the last few years with reasonably good players.

For Winnipeg, age is a big concern. Can they take it to the next level. They beat Toronto because Toronto had no offense. But they couldn't beat Sask.

For Sask, it is the coach can he motivate the team to continue to excel. Tillman will continue to be a distraction.

For Calgary, can the move from underachievers to real contenders or will a quarterback controversy implode the team.

For Edmonton, nothing has changed, Maas not the threat he once was, and definitely not with that line of Edmontons. Perry was an upgrade to anything they had. So a small step in the right direction.

For BC, as long as Wally whiner is there they will be competitive. It will be interesting to see who will be the starter. Coming in declared as the starter is different then starting being defaulted to you because of injuries. The defense won allot of games for them last year. I expect that will continue.

One other thing I think we might be forgetting.

In Canada in the fall of this year, football will be huge with a hopefully sold-out Grey Cup in Montreal and an assuredly sold-out NFL Bills game in Toronto. I know, I know, it's the NFL and not the CFL but it's all football and this is just good for the overall game, especially in Ontario/Quebec.

A sort of Toronto vs Montreal big cities football extravaganza, two different styles, wonder which one will be the best party? :wink:
May the best man win, er, city win I guess. :wink:

Montreal is a good team but I don't see them finishing higher then 3rd in the east.

I believe Stubler will do a good job in TO and will fight the Bombers tooth and nail for 1st.

Printers is the big question mark for Hamilton. If he excels then they'll challenge the Als for 3rd.

BC won't post the same record as 07 because I see Calgary and Edmonton improving.

I don't see the Riders sliding back along ways but I do see things tightening up considerably in the west.

The Grey Cup is in Montreal. 2001 all over again except this time Winnipeg beats Calgary!!!!! Sorry rw05 but were due!!

it's going to be a rough year, but i see Edmonton rebounding and making it back to the big one, Calgary finishes second and BC 3rd, Sask last, and of course Cats first in the east!

Good review of each team Mike.

I’m going to add that the Grey Cup winner will come out of the West again. I think it will be a battle in the West while it will be a survival in the East.