What's everyone think of the new Pigskin Pete?

I’m totally ambivalent wich means he’s not really effective. For the first time in my life Pigskin is not part of my game day experience .

Don’t really notice he’s around other than before kick off. I think we have seen him once maybe twice in our section.

Same as above…he moved a lot more in the stands as a child. Saw the old pigskin walking up the stairs last game and he was being “high fived? by everyone within distance of him. Lots of excitement for him to be at the game.

This Pigskin Pete has visited us in the north-east corner frequently this season, much more so than the former Pete. The ‘cheer and dance’ team also have been camping out in our corner every game for at least half a quarter if not longer. Kind of refreshing to be included.

The other stadium mascots and the two promotional people rarely seem to make it, in fact, I can’t remember the giveaway people ever coming our way. They seem to prefer the west side, or the upper tier on the east side.

Gone back to the bowler and stripes look. ???

We’re in the North-West corner and he has come by to OWW and high five us. Then he proceeded to climb way up into the upper deck. Very enthusiastic guy.

He seems pretty mobile but there’s a hell of a lot of stadium for just one guy to cover in 3 hours.

I’m in the upper South West stands. He’s been there every game, high fiving, posing and chatting. In the 20 years I’ve had season tickets up in the nose bleeds, he’s the first to come up to where I sit. You can tell that he loves being Pete

Give the guy his dues for sure . He does seem to enjoy what he’s doing and is very enthusiastic about it .

As for being mobile with a hell of a lot of stadium to cover ? Being Pigskin is definitely a young mans job these days . As much as I loved Paul Weiler as Pigskin I doubt very much that he could’ve handled covering THF like he used to do at the old Ivor Wynne .

As others have said, he seems to be making an effort to do wide coverage into parts of the stands that may have been neglected in the past. If it seems like you don’t see him so often, that’s probably why.

If he was just prowling the sidelines, we’d all “see” him more, but not as many people would get the up-close-and-personal Pigskin experience.

Well said safetyblitz. :slight_smile:

The new PP is great!

Surprised we haven’t seen him on the road…but at our home games he is loud and proud.

I watch from the west side, and for some reason, he often seems on the other side…so I sure know he spends good amount of time on east side.