What's cookin' at your Ticat Game Tailgate this year?

Yes Chef's and Connoisseurs, it's that time of year again?

The playoff game saw one of the best tailgate parties I've ever seen at Ivor Wynne, everyone having a great day and for the most part cleaning up after themselves. Now that people know you can tailgate Canadian style at the games...I'm hoping this years Tailgate food thread will garner some delicious entries.

The Vet's have arrived soon it'll be game day...Soooo without further a due....

What's cookin' at your 2010 Pregame tailgate?

I'll be happy to start if off.
In the past years when it's been my buddy Joe and my time to cook for the Boys we've done Cedar Plank Salmon in a lemon garlic marinade, a spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette and some Maui chicken skewers. Dessert is home made cookies!

This year though we cook on Sept 25th, the game we host the Roughies.
I'm thinking we'll still go with the Plank Salmon as it's always a hit but I may throw some marinated spicey Prairie buffalo kabobs with some Tzatziki or elk burgers with grilled mushrooms...on Saskatchewan whole wheat flat bread of course. If my Roughrider friends come through we'll be washing it down with some Old Style Pilsner! :cowboy:

Okay everyone...tell us what ya got cookin' :rockin:

I dont tailgate but every year for the season opener I make alpine sandwiches.(kind of like a reuben)
They are easy to make and they go great with a cold beer.

last year and years b4 it was burgers and lakeport beer but this years its burgers and CARLING LIGHT BEER

Hey what’s in an Alpine?
Yep, no Lakeport, I hope another brewery is allowed to come in and operate.
Steeltown needs its subs on game day!

Okay, what’d your game day feast?

well I tailgate everygame so everygame is different but here is a sample of what we eat.

pemeal bacon on a bun
bbq chicken
jumbo shrimp skewers
chicken wings
garlic bread / bruschetta bread with cheese
spinach dip
and of course lots of beer anything and everything, but this year I will probebly add some of that new jack and cola in a can as well.

Also I think labour day this year we will be doing a top sirloin with sauteed mushrooms and onions in a red wine sauce along with my moms famous ceaser salad

Wow now i'm hungry and cant wait for the season.


Now that's what I'm talkin' about IWillSackYou!!!

Okay what's on everyone else's grills?

Well you make french toast,then fry up some Montreal smoked meat,some corned beef,onions and peppers then just put that on the french toast with some sauerkraut.
I like to dust the top of mine with some cayenne pepper but that is optional.
Bon appetit

That sounds awesome!
Hey if you're making that for breakfast at the Labour Day come on by the Box J breakfast grill and I'll trade ya some Box J special toast for some of that fried smoked meat! Let's just say, my toast isn't french it's more Irish if you get my meaning!

Keep the tailgate eats coming...okay whose next up to the grill?

BTW: Loved the garlic bread bruschetta...great for a hot day!

we gotta stop talking about this, today I went to visit my parents and we had a bbq and i made them sit on the tailgate of my truck in their driveway to eat. I dont think I can wait till July 10th!!!

Someone ought to compile these recipes into a "Ticat Tailgate Cookbook". Print off copies and sell them with the proceeds going to some charity.

That's a great idea Wallace. Hey if we get enough recipes I'll see what can be done.We'll need at least 50 though. I think we know someone who publishes books don't we...lol

So let's see what else is cooking, and it doesn't matter if you tailgate or not, feel free to add what your game day meal is at home or on chez gate de tail! :rockin:

IWillSackYou...that's awesome..getting the tailgate butt ready for the season already! :cowboy:

It would be great if the team could get involved too. Say...a pic of one of our Ticats chowing down on one of the dishes. Ex. Dyakowski sampling the french toast and smoked meat sandwich. Or perhaps some of them have a favourite of their own.

Cool idea. Although I can't do the tailgate at Cats game I have a favourite I've used at UK games. Smoked Back Bacon with fresh tomato on a kaiser. I ran out quite quickly

I'm partial to sausages on game day!! Often we get together in a backyard before heading to an establishment, or to the pregame party before the game.

Sausage and onions on a toasted bun. (And, I usually go with the Turkey sausages -- much better for ya, sorta fits my nutrition and training regiment).

That's usually washed down with a now non-Lakeport/ Labatt brew. If sticking with the cheap-stuff, I guess it could be Carling Light this season. However, if you get the chance, try a Mill Street Organic. Damn good.

Nickelbrook is pretty good, too -- brewed in Burlington, I believe.

Agreed... Mill St Organic and Nicklebrook Apple are great products.

The wonderful thing about CFL ball is game day can be just going to the game or it can be a celebration of the Canadian game and being part of a pretty cool fan community. The vibe at tailgates was great last year and I hope everyone keeps the good will going.

On the food side of things, sausages tend to the be the food of choice for alot tailgaters for sure.

I like to mix it up and go against the grain at tailgates. It's pretty cool seeing peoples eyes when I uncover the Plank Salnom, and I'll enjoy it this year when I say..."Oh ya...you're eating buffalo!" :rockin:

Keep the food flavours coming...what are your game day eats?

Never tailgated in Hamilton, but been to many NFL stadiums and college games in the States.

Usually I do pork tenderlion
buffalo wings
pork bombs
chicken skewers wrapped in bacon
jerk chicken
bison bugers
red white and blue burgers
carpet bag steak
some type of chicken
beef briskett
st louis style ribs
country ribs
deep fried turkey
baked beans
philly cheese steak
cedar plank salmon
pulled pork
roast beef
meat balls

Usually we chose a dish of the opposing team and cook that.

grill up garlic and onion potato or sweet potato mixed with oj cinnamon and brown sugar with some mix veggies and of course its all cooked on hot coals throw on a block mesique or wood of your choice for smoke flavour add in many shots of jd, jager and a case of your fav beverage and you got a good time.

Sounds awesome, what are Pork Bombs?
Sounds perfect for when we play Hog Town on Labour Day! :rockin:

ADAWG's stepped up, keep the game day eats coming. What's on your table or tailgate?

Here is the link to it if this isnt the most delicous tailgate treat the pork bomb. Some good ol red neck cooking


I do want to try this year to rally the troops together for a game although fridays are difficult to do it the way we do it on a Sunday for an NFL game. For a 1pm game start we usually begin the party at 6am we meet for some irish coffee and a few cold pops to prime the liver for the day. We arrive at about 730am and begin the cook out of the low and slow and crank up other bbqs for breakfast. Usually for breakfast we do up bacon sausage home fries omlettes french toast and baked beans. Throw the meat on the other bbq to low and slow until about 11am. Fridays are rough as most of us work in Toronto and get home with enough time to throw some food down have a couple and get to the game. Labour day will likely be the day to rally the troops hopefully I can get 10-15 guys or for a Sunday game. Come by for shots and some food :smiley:.

this is a great thread.