What's Cookin' at your Tailgate this year?

Okay everyone. It's that time of year. Time for "Who's Cookin' What" at the tailgate parties?

Lot J burts with delicious smells on game day and I'm wondering what your eating this year?

Joe and I are cooking for the Edmonton Game and we try to do a regional flavour.
For my turn I'll be cooking either cedar plank salmon ( the salmon has been a traditon the past 3 years) with the spring greens salad or to go with the Alberta flavour... garlic marinaded Alberta Buffalo with a spinach salad. Sorry can't get Muskox???

So what's on your grill this season?

Ummmm.... sometimes I sneak into Ivor Wynne with chewing gum in my pocket. Jare... does that count?

And Jare.... I park about 10 streets away (in my secret spot) and people look at me kind of funny if I cook out of the back of my van when I'm in front of their house. I'd love to check out what you're cooking though. (hint, hint) :slight_smile:

Hey Mark:
The great thing about Lot J tailgating is that you don't have to park there to tailgate there.
Walk in with your food under one arm and some beverages (and a non-transparent cup to drink them in) under the other and socialize. Everyone's there for a good time.

It's BYO-EVERYTHING... come out, have a good time and always leave your area cleaner then you found it.

The only way tailgating is allowed to continue, is if we the fans keep the partying and the lot clean!

Last time I went I attempted to say hello and was ignored completely. I had even brought along a shirt as a gift. So my tailgate will be with my family members.

I am going to the July 18th game and I will be cooking Red, White and Blue cheeseburgers...

Ground Beef, Red Onion, Ranch dressing mix (powder) and Blue cheese made into burgers and grilled to perfection.

Are you bringing Cameron on the 18th, Rusty? And has Cameron made any predictions for this season?

Cameron will be at the Tailgate but I don’t think he’s going to be attending the game. Too far past his bedtime. So we’re going to see if his Aunt will bring him home before the game.

He has not made any predictions as of yet, however, when asked about the Ticats chances this year he didn’t cry… so that might be a good sign.

I avoid those guys like I avoid my ex girl friend! :wink:

Anyone want some moosemeat sausages?

Last time Jare asked this he got some pretty good receipes from the Board. I'm still hoping for some culinary treats to be described. :slight_smile:

We should see if Dunnigan will tape his cooking show from there…

It's taking every ounce of strength not to say anything about corn on the cob.

.....Especially Indian corn. :wink:

As always our group treats Tailgating as a Highlight, therefore Hot dog's and 'burg's are banned. :rockin:
This year will be as scrum-deli-isious as always with features like:

  • BBQ Salmon on cedar
  • Sweet Potatoes with Cheese
  • Marinated Chicken Breast
  • Marinated Pork Loin
  • Marinated Steak
  • Glazed Chicken
  • Mexican Rice
  • Dirty Rice
  • BBQ'd Pineapple
  • BBQ'd Apple sauce
    ....these are just a few treats shared over the years and let's not forget the annual Thanksgiving day Deep Fried Turkey with the fix'ns :cowboy:


You and the crew with the Box J Boys have put on spectacular cooking performances over the years. A lot of people have enjoyed your creative cuisine and total enthusiasm. Keep up the great work! You guys inspire!!

.......and also, many kudos for your classy and un-selfish work towards the Cancer effort. Your rewards will be in heaven. (hopefully many moons down the road of course)

I'm always impressed by you , the "J " boys, and all the wives, girlfriends and friends of you guys.

Best wishes for a great culinary season !!

PS..I'd be remiss if I didn't give Kudos to "Tigger" and the crew from the 13th man.com !.....also, a bunch of quality fans....and human beings.... :slight_smile: (Hamilton is blessed to have you all !)

Wow Deerhunter, thanks for the kind words and thanks for best wishes. Right back at cha!
I'm really touched by your kind words, I'm just livin' life to the fullest and trying to be a good person.

See you in Lot J!

Not trolling here - this is a legit question.

Does tailgating - and I mean real tailgating, not simply having a ham sandwich in the back of one's minivan - actually exist in Hamilton? I know Ontario has some of the most ludicrous, antiquated liquor laws outside of Utah.

Indeed it does. There are no johnnies so it can be an effort but as long as we clean up after ourselves, keep the beer in non seethru plastic and don't cause a disturbance the local police seem to look the other way. Look for the parking lot at Scott Park between Cannon and King

That is the only problem with the tailgate parties - the lack of port-a-potties - except for Labour Day, when we have managed to ante up for a couple the last couple of years. Sometimes the nearby Scott Park arena is open for washrooms, and if not, the closest is the Tim Horton's a block away. The Hamilton police have been very good over the years, as long as the beverage is kept in an opaque plastic cup, so the bottle or can is not visible to the street. Discretion is the rule.

I can't speak as a "regular" because I can only manage to attend 1-2 games a year (i'm not from Hamilton)... BUT... when I go to the tailgate I make sure to bring garbage bags with me and when I leave I've usually left my area cleaner than what it was when I got there. There's no harm in doing a quick garbage sweep in your immediate area.

Also... bring plastic cups.