What's Changed?

I ran across this post over at Radio man Bill Kelly's Blog. I hope this report is made public so the rest of us can read it.

Yesterday on my show, I read segments from a City report from a few years ago that stated, after exhaustive study, the West Harbour was not a good place to build a multi-use stadium.
I also read a quote from Fred Eisneberger when he was the Chair of the Hamilton Port Authority, in which he raised doubts about a stadium in the West Harbour.
He cited lousy access, no parking and little to no positive spin off , which is exactly what the City report stated.
Which begs the question, if it was a bad idea then, what has changed to make City Council so hot to trot about the area now ?
The answer ? Nothing.
Here’s the reality that City Council doesn’t want to talk about.
Since the City has been drawing these wonderful pictures of what they think the West Harbour should look like, virtually no one in the private sector has seen fit to invest anything into that area.
The City’s story line that restaurants and shops will spring up in that area is pure fiction.
One local restaurateur was even more blunt when I asked him if he would build in the West Harbour.
Why would I open a place down there for the chance that I might have 9 or 10 busy days out of the year ? I’d go broke in no time, he told me.
‘These guys just don’t get it’, he concluded.
Welcome to Hamilton politics.

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Wow !

Kudos to Bill Kelly for posting that on his blog. I hope Michael Fenn sees this.

I wonder what Mayor Fred has to say about this now.

Thanks "MAW" ........ Great catch !

Very interesting. Politicians are politicians though, I'm sure Fred and the city can just spin it now saying new information has come to light that has changed his position in the long run with access, LRT, Go service possibilities etc. And he's wearing a different hat as well of course.

I don't even think Fred could spin his way out of this revelation.

And he is quickly becoming a master spin-meister. :roll:

Some told me yesterday that the city is already expropriating residential homes in the area.

Makes me wonder why we bothered to hire Fenn to negotiate, if nothing is going to change? That's Hamilton, get used to it.

Morons on Parade........................ This likens to the current judicial process - laws that are too lient and judges who should be voted in instead of appointed. The same situation for the city fathers - Short sighted and just concerned about the next vote. The entire process needs to examined before we can expect to forge ahead.

Since the WH plan isnt "dead" but very much alive with talks progressing and even if Young gets most or all of what he wants from the negotiations stay tuned for phrases like "held hostage" "gun to his head" "backed into a corner" " Young had no choice" to describe what's coming next.

Some have devoted so much mental energy into wanting this thing to fail positivity just wont be tolerated.

And people wonder why I think Fast Freddie is up to something and has another agenda ?

this right here is exactly why:

"I also read a quote from Fred Eisneberger when he was the Chair of the Hamilton Port Authority, in which he raised doubts about a stadium in the West Harbour.
He cited lousy access, no parking and little to no positive spin off , which is exactly what the City report stated."


The Rat has been caught in his own trap!

Forgot to add the old standby "agendas"

Exactly.........it was only a matter of time. He's such a phony, spin-meister it makes me want to hurl. Thankfully this will be his only term as Mayor........the worst in history by far

It will be interesting to see how he tries to get out of this one.

I have this feeling that if it was proved that the Mayor never made the comment in the first place because:

  • he was in a coma
  • he was out of the country at the time
  • another councillor confessed to making the comments and then swore on a stack of bibles it was not the Mayor
  • the person recording the minutes fell asleep and made it all up later
  • a computer glitsch mixed up the comments from another date
    or whatever........
    it will make absolutely NO difference to many of you guys. The Tiger is loose. The Mayor HAS to be guilty of something bad!
    Minds will not change. :lol:

It must be killing you guys waiting until July 8th. :stuck_out_tongue:

mr62 your starting to sound like a politician, any chance your a fan of the mayor??
19 days and counting!
Cats are gonna run all over the peg tomorrow!!
Go Cats Go!!!

Bill Kelly brought this up on his show again today and said something "is rotten in Denmark here"...

I have to agree that something funny is going on........

I think the Ticats and Bob Young are owed an apology due to the fact they are getting demonized for not wanting the West Harbour location...........for the exact same reasons that Fred is on record as not liking the West Harbour as a stadium location

.....and now Fred expects the Ticats to over look this, put themselves in financial peril and donate mega millions to add another 10,000 seats?....huh?

What's Fred got going that we don't know about.......(yet) :roll: :roll:

This one might go down as one of the biggest politican lies of all time. On that list would be:

Sheila Copps: 'I'll resign if we don't kill the GST'
Dalton McGuinty" 'No new taxes'
Brian Mulroney: 'I didn't take a pay off from Schneider'
Bill Clinton: you know
Richard Nixon: "I'm not a crook"
Obama: too numerous to mention already

Mayor Fast Freddie: "No West Harbour Stadium"

Reacting to hearsay as if it's gospel only makes one look silly.

A little prudence and common sense can go along way here.

Has anyone here actually seen this report or the quote by the mayor?

Is there ANY context for them that we are missing? As in any details?

:thdn: for Kelly for hyping such hearsay on his blog without any foundation.

Give us the details so we can all discuss this intelligently and reasonably no matter if you're for or against the WH site.

Bill Kelly: An unremarkable city and failed federal politician commenting on politics.
No axes to grind, no bitterness. A clear , unbiased and dispassionate source for information.

Are you saying the Mayor didn’t make these comments? Bill Kelly’s fact checkers took the day off?