Whatever, the Esks are still a brutal football team

The Esks showed that they're still a terrible team ... especially by allowing Calgary back into it like that. Calgary could have done a lot better to hold off the Esks in that last minute, and props to the Esks for pulling that off, but they did NOT play a good game, and it's questionable over whether they deserved to win that game ... Ricky Ray is incredible, and Tucker and Hervey are good too, but you shut them down and the Esks are finished ... not to mention more stupid penalties from them. Yes, the Esks may have won this game, but that doesn't make them a good team at all ... and I still don't see them finishing better than 4th in the West.

.....because this is the thread that will draw the moths to the candle, no need to hear from Weirdo, EE or Eski-Moses.....you all conveniently disappeared after teh LDC so you're all chicken-$#%^.......only respectful EE fans need apply.....

Well Canuck Kev, on this one I disagree. It takes good teams to come back in win when they are down. And even though their offense waited until 59:54 of the game. But I will never take a way from a team that wins!

They might not be the best team.. and they are certainly going to be last in the west unless they make some changes.. but I can't call them brutal after they played a game like that.. their D made our O look like they were fresh out of high school. The only player we had on offence was Nik Lewis. I don't know what happened to the rest of them.. overconfident maybe?

I agree with you guys.

This team hasn’t proved NOTHING this season except mental mistakes. Consistanly inconsistent, is how I see it.

Maybe if they win a couple games on a row.

But until then… they STILL have a lot of work to do. Limiting STUPID penalties, pass blocking, all that.

I hope to god that they get on a winning streak, but get this: They’re 4-8.

That still means you got alot of work to do. Lol

The call that enabled the Esks to win the game the so called roughing the passer call where the Stamp player sort of touched Rays shoulder pad for a 15 yard penalty made me puke!! That is the reason why the CFL is and will always be a second class league to the NFL!!

Officating must be improved!!

Come on guys these things happen look beyond it! We have gone over the reffing calls many times. They do the best they can! :lol:

If this is the best the refs can do, maybe we should get new refs. Nonetheless - EsksTMac - You’ve got back to back dates with the TiCats coming up now… I think a couple wins in a row shouldn’t be too much of a problem… and if it is… you might as well throw it in for this year.

.......the EEs might just claw their way back into this race.....don't count them out yet.....

Or just maybe the Tiger cats could get two easy wins! :lol:

....wouldn't that be nice?!.....

...i caught the last part of the game..(kind of watching from afar while on vac.)....i agree with nob22...that was a brutal call...if that was roughing the passer...what were all the non-calls on the hits this year that put a few qbs. out of action....i don't want to start on the refs....but come on....that was a bullcrap call,,,,and I AM NOT A CALGARY FAN.... :roll: :?

if anything, last nites win shows the eskies are still a threat.

unlike the brutal ticats, the eskies are still very capable of beating the top teams....they beat the stamps, and almost beat the lions....so they are probably capable of beating anyone.

should make for an interesting 2nd half.

4-7 eskies with 2 games against the ticats...should go to 6-7 ( putting pressure on the sliding bombers ).....but if the ticats win one of those games, its over for the shmoes.

Yes it was a questionable call, but he did hit him high. Anyways it was only what, a five yard penalty at the most. Woodcock already had the first down. They still would have scored.

What about Nik Lewis' hit on Kelly Wiltshire? It may have been unintented, but a cheap shot is a cheap shot, and if I were the Eskimos, I would definitely be sending a tape of that play into the league office.

...what about it?....it was legal.....even the refs in the press box next to TSN said it was legit.....

So if Brian Clark got hit like that by say, Ed Hervey, you woudnt think that it was a low blow??

Give credit where credit is due.

The defence played well when it really mattered. An offence that moves the ball downfield in the dying seconds like they did to win the game has still got something to say.

I predict that we'll see a different Edmonton team the rest of the season.

.......I'd have to say no, if it was legit why would I complain?....

The Stamps defence was on the field far too much in this game. Although they played 'bend but don't break', as stated above, they did not give up a touchdown until the final minute of the game. The Eskimoes took advantage of a team that was able to generate what, 4 first downs in the first half?

I don't know if the Esks are 'brutal'. Their defence was either stellar, or the Stamps O was brutal.