Whatever happens Sunday...

I'm proud of this team..

I've went from
"not a very good team this year"
"500 team"
"good team just can't win a big game"
"holy crap we may just win the GC"

Talk about a rollercoaster.

GO CATS. I will never underestimate these guys again.

I agree. Win or lose, this team did more this year than probably anyone outside the locker room thought they would. Of course, there were always fans who said they would win it all, but there were fans saying they were going to win it all last year and the year before and the year before and so on.

I see this as the beginning of something special. The Riders built their team to win this year, whereas the Cats have a team that looks built to compete for the next five. The Tabbies may not hoist the Cup on Sunday (frankly, I don't think they will, but I hope I am wrong), but this team under Kent Austin's leadership will win at least one. Now... is it Sunday yet?

Whatever happens this Sunday. I am very proud of this team. Even though I haven't been posting on the forums. I have been checking the team's status from the states and hoping since 99 that we have a good competitive team. A shaky start didn't phase the new look Cats and Austin has installed a winning attitude and finally some steeltown toughness to the team again. I'm so happy for Bob Young and the Ticat faithful to finally go to the big game again. Eat em Raw Cats !!!!

"Whatever happens etc..." was what I was thinking before the win on Sunday.
Now...I believe we can beat Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup!!!!!

You took the words right out of my mouth. :wink:

Whether we win by a little or a lot? :wink:

yes absolutely :smiley: