Whatever happened to the NASL expansion idea

Don't really care about any soccer team in Hamilton. USL. NASL or whatever.

I think the whole soccer angle forTHF is a little over hyped and overblown.

Soccer has always had it's niche in Hamilton as a long, ethnic tradition, and I can't see that changing much.

$%^& no to being a Toronto affiliate in a nothing league... Hamilton should have NASL and eventual MLS aspirations.. We play Toronto. We don't feed them.

After doing some research on the internet I found it to be crystal clear that one of the goals of the NASL is to have Hamilton,Calgary and Winnipeg in the league.It is also known that Bob knows people in the NASL more than most people realize
so I believe our dream will come true,just believe my friends and our dreams will come true. :cowboy:

Im a big soccer fan, but I wouldnt support any "pro" team that cant compete for the Canadian Championship. Its as simple as that.

Also to be honest even though I'm a TFC supporter and former season seat holder there; I wouldn't pay money to watch their minor league affiliate. I would pay for an NASL team that could develop a rivalry with TFC through the Canadian Championships though.

I think Hamilton deserves better than this proposal as a city.

I agree, Ottawa has an NASL team that will play at the new stadium Hamilton has a much bigger area to draw from so I would think that a second pro soccer team could work. The Montrall Impact played in the NASL up until last year and now they are up in the MLS, they had pretty good attendance in the NASL that's probably why they got the MLS franchise.
It would be interesting to see the Canadian Championship games if Hamilton got an NASL team especially if they played TFC

Wouldn’t it be sort of odd if TFC’s minor league team had as good of or even a nicer stadium than TFC? I don’t understand how the soccer thing works but this would just seem strange to me.

I think soccer has 2 teams, with 10 players each (I think?) and there is a ball, an actual football, which you try to put in side a goal (different then goal post).

It’s actually a pretty simple game, the rules and strategy seem a lot simpler then football, probably why I find it a tad boring.

Hope that clears it up for you.

Thanks brad, appreciate that. You definitely are "da man". :thup:

Seriously though, that's what they tell me, it's the pure simplicity of the game that makes it interesting to watch and for it to be called the "beautiful game". I guess. :?

Here here! I have zero interest in watching Toronto's farm team play division three soccer vs a whole bunch of US teams (with Rochester the only one remotely close) and never be able to play for the Voyageurs Cup. Heck I have zero interest in watching Toronto's farm team period, unless it's to see a Hamilton team thrash them. I would stop supporting the Bulldogs if they ever became Toronto's affiliate.

I have some interest in watching Hamilton play division 2 soccer vs Ottawa, Edmonton and New York with a team that could one day play (and beat) TFC.

Thankfully, I'm to understand that Bob's memorandum of understanding trumps the ambitions of MLSE. I wouldn't mind hearing what his stance is on this. Frankly, my position would be "You can play, but we can kick you to the curb any time we want if I want."

We can mock soccer all we want but CFL fans are not the market an NASL franchise will go after. Huge potential out there especially kids who are playing it in great numbers. And the female population that don't understand football and have no desire to learn.

I think you're better market is disenfranchised TFC fans who still like soccer, but don't like how their ownership hasn't been able to make a winning team, or ironically don't like the idea of sharing a facility designed for soccer only with the Argos, as opposed to a facility that is being designed for both Soccer and Football, but who knows right?

If the pricing point was $10-$15 like FC Edmonton I'd probably pickup a flex pack and give it a shot. If the atmosphere was good, then maybe seasons, have to see.


An update. Not much new, but good to know the state of things:

Toronto Lynx wait for verdict on potential move to Hamilton

By Dave Rowaan ? @soccercanada on Sep 25 2013, 12:50p

[url=http://www.wakingthered.com/2013/9/25/4769538/toronto-lynx-hamilton-usl-pro-city-council-october-23-tim-hortons-field-toronto-fc]http://www.wakingthered.com/2013/9/25/4 ... toronto-fc[/url]

The future of the Toronto Lynx organization remains up in the air as they await the verdict from the City of Hamilton regarding their proposed move from Toronto to Hamilton that would see them joining USL Pro, partnering with Toronto FC, and playing at the new Tim Horton's Field.


I think bringing in the Lynx would be a mistake but since Bob Young bailed out on his Carolina NASL team there may be no other option for Pro Soccer in Hamilton. But it allows Bob to pickup a tenant without having to buy a soccer team. With the current state of pro soccer in NA I don't think it is the best time to buy a franchise. Would be better to wait till the MLS has to fuse with the NASL to stay alive.

If a soccer team comes to the coffee grounds, would Ticat season ticket holders get deals on games?

Agree about the USL. It seems to be a very poorly run organization. It couldn't live up to USSF D-2 standards, but is doing everything it can to undermine those who have (NASL). It seems they rush to place teams everywhere that NASL has or is planning teams. They award franchises before there is a stadium to play in, and don't allow new franchises hardly any lead-in time. There are a few model franchises (Orlando), but a good half of franchises are drawing around or below 1000 people. That's going to look horrible in a 24k seat stadium.

NASL seems to be going about growing the right way. Better-capitalized teams and owners, (relatively) careful expansion. All games are streamed live. I'd also heard that Bob was on the outs with the NASL head office, but on the other hand 1) He did get that conditional(ish?) letter saying that he had the NASL territory during the stadium deal discussions, and 2) There's a new NASL commissioner in place since Bob's ownership days. So I have no idea what Bob's relationship is there.

I hope Bob decides to go for it. Having so much of the infrastructure in place with Ticats and the stadium makes him the most likely owner to help a team succeed. Avoid the confusion existing in the States. Have a clear D-1 (MLS) in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver; a clear D-2 (NASL) in Edmonton, Ottawa, Hamilton, (I hear Calgary soon?); and then age-based amateur development leagues.

We haven't heard from Bob on this topic in a while, I hope that means things are moving behind the scenes... ?

One question though is, concerning Hamilton, does Bob have the backing with the soccer people in Hamilton? ie. do they like him enough to work with him? If not, then that is an issue for any pro franchise in soccer that Bob owns/controls/caretakes. You have to have the support of the people that run minor soccer and most any soccer in the area I would think.

Why does Bob have to own the soccer team ? He could simply rent the the stadium to someone who is passionate about soccer like he is about the Ticats.

I would love to have a soccer team in the Hammer I think we have lots of fans who would support it , just look for the car Flags next June and that will give you the answer , soccer is growing in Canada look at BMO field and the Toronto FC full house with a terrible team! Caretaker please help bring Soccer to the Hammer

FC Bayern Munchen / team Germany next June ! World Cup Brazil :thup: :rockin: Italia going down :thdn:

HfxTC wrote: Why does Bob have to own the soccer team ? He could simply rent the the stadium to someone who is passionate about soccer like he is about the Ticats.
HE could rent the stadium? I thought this was a city-owned stadium? Or is this much like BMO and MLSE, which is fine, I don't really care but I would think whoever owns a stadium has the main call on how it's rented out.