Whatever Happened to K/P Nick Setta?

Whatever happened to Kicker/Punter Nick Setta?

In his short career, he won Rookie of the Year (2007), was an All Star, led the league in total points, was the Captain of the Cats for a couple seasons and yet subsequently released last year after a few spotty starts.

Nick was also a great community participant and leader who constantly volunteered his time for charitable causes and was revered by many fans alike. (including me!)
He was hard not to like.

Admittedly, It was quite a shock and disappointment when he was released, although I had thought he would have no trouble attaining employment elsewhere.

What is he doing now?


Looks like he is still waiting for a call. Now a personal trainer

[url=http://triblocal.com/homer-glen/2011/01/13/local-trainer-setta-still-eyes-nfl-goal/]http://triblocal.com/homer-glen/2011/01 ... -nfl-goal/[/url]

thanks guys.
And good for him. :thup:

Glad to see that he is still in a related field.

As well, Nick should be proud of the fact that he owns a few All-Time TiCat records:

-longest punt in Hamilton Tiger-Cats History (97 yards, two times, 2008, 2009)
-highest career average yards per kickoff in Hamilton Tiger Cats history (60.2)
-highest single game punting average in CFL history (64.7 yards)

Considering Medlock's uncertainty for next year maybe he should stay in game shape.

I'm wondering if Setta is holding out for the NFL.

hey mikem, that may very well be true, but why not stay in game condition by playing in the CFL with a short term contract?
(unless there have been no offers the past 2 seasons?)

Sitting out for such a lengthy period will likely hinder the demand for his services.

Google Nick Setta and all the answers are there on the first page of results.

Speaking of kickers....Does anybody remember a kicker we had...I think his name was Sandro DeAngelis?

Looks like they are grooming Maveety to take over next year, if Medlock goes to the NFL

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/615981--kingston-s-maveety-and-his-booming-leg-are-waiting-in-the-wings-being-tutored-by-ticat-great]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... icat-great[/url]

I posted this once, but it seems to have gone into cyber-black hole.

Setta hurt his back, his results declined a bit, him and Obie seemed to have locked horns. If Metlock doesn't re-sign here I doubt Setta will return and think Maverty will get first shot at the position.