Whatever happened to just enjoying football?

Y'know, maybe this is just me, and if it is, feel free to ignore me entirely, but I find that people on the forums have gotten a lot more mean-spirited and spiteful over the years. I'm not targeting anyone in particular, I'm just talking about the general atmosphere, and the overall demeanor in the topics on these forums. I'm not holier-than-thou, I've gotten into a few altercations myself, but nonetheless, I felt the need to bring the issue upfront.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying I don't want to see any sort of trash-talking whatsoever: football is a sport, and at the core of all sports is rivalry and competition. The clashes are as much between the teams as they are between the fans, and having a team that you can feel is yours to defend and support is a great feeling. But there's a real difference between talking trash in the spirit of enjoying the game, and talking trash for the sole reason of creating antagonism.

Laughing at the attendance figures of other teams, mocking teams when star players get injured, attacking the CFL and its staff in general: is any of this necessary? Sports should be a social celebration of life, so why in the world would you be happy if less people participate in it? Low attendance figures just hurt the CFL as a whole. Unless you actually enjoy seeing people get hurt (in which case, I would say to get help!), why continually bash players that are prone to injury? Again, the CFL flourishes when all teams are competitive, and injuries to star players do not help teams stay competitive.

The CFL is in good shape, especially when you compare it to how it used to be, and there's a lot of reasons to be optimistic; new teams, new stadiums, more attention and better ratings in the States, the list goes on. It's not like everything is perfect, of course, and that's why it's good to debate and discuss certain things. But what I've seen haven't been debates or discussions. More and more, what I see are altercations.

So I'll summarize everything I said by asking again: whatever happened to just enjoying football?

We're all on these forums because we love the CFL, ain't that right? Let's try and make it seem like it once in awhile!

this relates to more then just football...

Sports, at its greatest what its meant to do is to take your mind off the troubles in the world

look at all the problems in the world

the never ending USA recession, the calgary floods, the toronto floods, the mudslides and the tsunamis, the war, the train accident(s)

Sports is supposed to be entertainment, thats what it is.. You can say its sports entertainment even

Its there to enjoy, to take your mind off of the real problems in the world and there are LOTS of real problems in the world...

I dont know why people have to bash things all the time, ive been guilty of it myself.. guess at times its tiring seeing people crap all over certain teams for no reason, giving no credit and all that stuff. not sure why it is like that but its important to remember that sports is there for entertainment purposes and to take our minds off real problems

Its almost like tv shows, except not scripted(some could argue basketball is :stuck_out_tongue: ) but... i dont see people ripping breaking bad or mad men or whatever other show.. saying oh that was dumb, stupid... etc. yet they do it for sports..i dunno

I understand people will have favourite teams and all, i get that.. rivalries are natural but to see some posts where its almost like... Being gleeful that a team failed or a player got hurt or this stuff... its kind of disturbing actually.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I was having a great time watching the Riders steamroll Toronto's defence last night, but then when Chris Jones had his ego completely crushed in the 4thQ I kinda felt sorry for the little guy.

It's not about laughing at a team or giving constructive criticism and believe in the past I have done that and been shot down but when facts are facts in sports or in life there is only one way to fix it and everyone has a choice in life, No Excuses, so when a team draws 18,000 fans at the gate, well great for the fans who supported the team but bad for ones who call themselves fans and decided to stay home because they had many other choices to do in life besides support their favorite team. I feel sorry for David Braley because he bought into both the Argo's and the Lions when No one else would, local ownership like that of Bob Young in Hamilton or the Hunts in Ottawa or ownership group in Calgary are all people willing to help the CFL and take a chance at building a team in their respective communities but where is all the local support?? The Toronto Argo's get a Grey Cup Winning Team, good players, Coaches etc a clean atmosphere and state of the art to enjoy games in, also the fact that it's a city of 3 million people and some fans think people are bashing their team, well maybe if you actually had 50,000 fans at every home game and filled the upper bowl for TV no one could complain now could they? The Problem with most Canadians is they never complain about anything in life they just get taken for and seem to enjoy it, well I'm not not one of them and never will be? Get out and support your team!!!

I've been on these boards as long as anyone, and there has always been a certain level of "trash talk" that has almost been encouraged. That's all well and good because it can make a game more exciting for a fan. But any parent can tell you that little arguments lead to bigger ones. Part of the problem is that these arguments are allowed to go too far, you read personal insults on here almost daily.
It seems everyone is an expert on football nowadays, some fans just love to give their opinions (often wrongly) on opposing teams. Other fans just love trash talking stuff about a team/city that has little to do with the product on the field.
Piggy - just be glad you are not a Bomber fan (yet :wink: ), they have been the sites trash talking/trolling favorites for years now. Montreal is only just starting to get some heat.
Everyone is an expert on football nowadays, and they just can't stop themselves from offering up their 2 cents on opposing teams, especially when the going is tough for that team. On the main board is one thing, that is what it is intended for. What really irks me is when these guys invade the teams forums with their crap, and little is done about it.

Religion, politics and sports..... three topics that are always doomed to start heated debates and name calling.

To answer your question directly and in no particular order; Khalif Mitchell and Diamond Ferri (among others of their kind), Glen Johnson, Murray Clarke, Jake Ireland, video review :lol: :lol: , Skydome and the CFL disciplinary system.

That's a start.

For the record, I'm totally enjoying the season so far. The individual and team rivalries are already starting to develop. New stars are emerging. And new controversies. Go Argos!

The bantering back and forth between fans,is all in good fun,and shows how passionate we are about football.Unfortunately you do get posters that step over the line and bantering becomes bashing.If your like me I love talking football,having some fun,after all folks at the end of the day…its only a game!!! So lets keep it civilized people,no matter who you cheer for,lets all rejoice in our love of the CFL and the greatest sport in the world…FOOTBALL!!! Leave all the bickering and bashing for the schoolyard :lol: :lol:…and ya I almost forgot :thup: GO CATS GO!!! :thup: :smiley: :smiley: thats all folks!!! PEACE…OUT!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Sorry Killer, I bash the TV tripe constantly and watch very little. I think 99% of TV is dumb and stupid ! There's very little to learn, watching TV. Now I do watch sports because they are "DEFINITIVE". There is an end and there is a result !!! Too much other crap is just never ending remakes. If you young people live to a nice old age, you should be able to see 5 or 6 more remakes of Robin Hood, all with new actors of course, but the same old same old story. I think there has been somewhere around 27 versions now !... Sports are never like that. I've never seen two games that are exactly the same and I never know what will happen, because there is no script.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: Agreed. Worst are the scripted "reality shows" made for the National Enquirer buying crowd.

That's why it's nice to have people like Turkeybend who can have a lighter take on things. I enjoy his power rankings. I think sometimes we take professional sports too seriously. I get upset when my team loses a big playoff game, but I get over it and support them again the next season.

Being a CAT fan,can you explain what a big play-off game is like? :cry: :cry: :oops: :oops:

Can you imagine if all 9 teams had the fan base and support like Saskatchewan? Oh my..... :rockin:

You nailed it, sometimes you got to call people out, like say a city who is getting a new stadium and only 7,000 of their fans can bother drive 35 mins down the road, but a few of this teams fans are on here all the time bashing Argo fans so your right things like that need to be discussed

I've thought long and hard about this question, and I do believe that it comes down to 2 main things in my opinion. Number 1 being pie, and number 2 is bacon. If more people celebrated and enjoyed these things, the world would be a happier place.

I enjoy CFL football, even if it's not my team in the game. Part of the problems with online forums/message boards such as these, is that tone is very hard to portray in writing, so people take offense to things which are said in a lighthearted manner.

I guess in summary, eat some bacon, down it with a dessert of pie, and everyone needs to lighten up and not take things so seriously :rockin:

I think some people just are not "happy" unless they are trashing some thing (team or individual)

Some fan, like team, rivalry is good and makes it fun but every so often it crosses a line here.

I am no expert in football but love the CFL above all other sports.

Would I love to see my Riders go 18-0 ? Absolutely. But I would also love to see a full house at Argo games, see Wpg have a winning record this year and Ham live up to expectations. And (name be darned)can't wait to cheer on an Ottawa team next year.

Canadians are always being "trashed" for being too polite. Politeness on these boards would be a welcome change from some of the posters I have seen.

If you want to just "enjoy" football...

Watch it at home or at the stadium... and stay away from here, this place will never change!

I think good nature ribbing is fun, but often you see insults on this board...why? Anonymity. You think someone would say these things to a starnger's face? Of course not. Easy to be a tough guy when you can hide behind a computer screen.

Mark7, you hit the nail on the head. As I was reading through this, I could not believe
no one has stated the obvious like you did, Internet Tough Guy! Hiding behind a keyboard.
I haven't posted in a while because I, too am tired of this crap. This forum should stick
to CFL related stuff and 'good natured' ribbing, otherwise go spend some time on Poker Stars
if you feel like bashing.