Whatever happened to I'll give Maas 4 games?

The apologists said this and yet after FIVE games of futility they continue to defend him.


He’s playing fine after four games.

416 yards of offence last night.

Say again Kirk. Can I have some of what you are smoking?

Can he improve? Yes.

Is finsishing in the red zone an issue? Yes. A big one, but all indications are they're right there. Drives and numbers are very good.

More excuses. What happened to the 4 game appraisal.Same QB same results. Its not getting that much better

The majority of his throws were 10 yard routes against a defence missing their top 2 db's. The long pass to Bauman should have been a t.d if Maas lead him, instead the ball hung up forever and Bauman had to bail him out by making a tough catch with the db all over him. And he also couldn't get the ball to Curry which was a t.d.

Maas is a great guy, and played a decent game, but still he is not worth his salary and should not be starting in this league due to his arm injury.

We probably would have won the last 3 games if Chang was in there.

While I agree we’ve surpassed the point where we need Chang to see real playing time with the game in-hand, I think it would be too far to say whether or not the Cats would have or will win with him at the helm.

We need a realistic read on Chang without giving up our new found ability to at least move the ball. I say platoon series by series or maybe for a couple series to see who can really control this offense and more importantly, score TDs.

For heavens sake we are 0-5 with 2TDs all year. Give the ball to Chang and see what happens. It's not the end of the world to let the backup start a game. I'm beginning to think the only hope we have in seeing Chang start is if Maas is injured. Oh wait a minute - he probably is injured. Forget that idea.

Offensively you'd have to agree things have been getting better as the season's gone on. And for that reason, I expect Taaffe to stick with Maas as the starter for next week's game. I don't like it. I'd much rather see Chang in there. But I think Taaffe sticks with Maas.

I do too and I question Taffes decision making process as a result

In 5 starts Jason Maas has produced 2 touchdowns.
I won't attend Ivor Wynne Stadium next week unless Timmy Chang gets the start.