Whatever happened to home field advantage??

Zach blew out his ACL...

The atmosphere is bad because the team sucks. It's really not that hard to understand.

Definetely thousands in the concourse and stipley. And not 12k empty seats.

I sit in my seat during the game, not that ANYONE needs to explain that to you.

I also purchase what I need BEFORE the game.

If you have such an issue with where OTHER PEOPLE CHOOSE to occupy, then stay home.

There, you can do whatever you want, whereever you want.

And, those at the ballpark CAN do the same.

P.S....Are you thisdictatorialwith your neighbours??

The man (Woman?) has a point.

The concourse is jammed with similar type of patrons. Those who just go to talk to buddies and watch the screens over the concession stands and basically make it harder for everyone else to get around.

Or there are those who just stand at the railings, preventing the disabled "seat holders" from getting access to their spots and those who want to get down the stairs to their spots.

Perhaps if you want to hang around, stand up and chat with friends while watching on T.V., I don't know, maybe it's you that should go to a bar or stay home.

Personally, if I ran the stadium, I would put a frosted glass barrier just behind the wheelchair accessible seats to force people down into their seats.

But that's one man's opinion.

I'd like to see this too, but it won't happen. There are also security and safety reasons they probably wouldn't want a glass barrier on the concourse, but that's another topic.

Pls send me your section ...please. If i can do as I chose as you suggest I would love to just stand in the aisle and piss every one off.

I sit in the wheelchair section with my mother. I like the idea of a glasspartition, there is a line on the ground to have people stand behind but security very seldom enforces it. They are afraid of infringing on peoples rights. When we had the weather delay everyone was on the concourse level which meant I could notmove we needed a friend to block for us to leave. We also leave before the game is overso we dont have to wait forever for the elevators. No one listens to our concerns. Give me Ivor Wynne any day. This takes all the enjoyment out of the games.

This is your original statement...

"It is my business bc if you are not in your seat you are clogging up the concourse and when I who paid for my ticket would like to get a snack it takes over a quarter to get get served and back to my seat. So if you want to hang out go to a bar. The concourse now is for lagerlouts and cheapskates ( pay for upper deck seats and never sit there ) . It should however resolve itself. The team is a shitshow and I will be surprised if they get 50 per cent ST renewals. Always the entitled who yap the most."

No where does it state that people are standing in front of you or in the aisle.

I've had people standing, blocking my view, during the game and, more importantly during a play. Yes, it is a pain. Also, had beer drinkers in my aisle that were up and down almost constantly. I wished they were up in the concourse. I finally had to move to get away from them.

The concourse is there to be used. Not everyone can sit in a seat for an entire game. They may need to get up and stretch their legs. It was recently found that this was an issue for those flying on commercial airliners.

Many stadiums are now being designed with these open spaces.

"Always the entitled who yap the most."

Seems you're doing a lot of complaining over this...

I find the most irritating part to be people who don't wait for a break in the play to try and get back to their seats. I partially blame the staff at THF for not enforcing this. I've missed several big plays because someone is trying to squeeze past me to get to their seat.

If someone wants to buy a ticket, hangout in a concourse, spend money on overly priced food and drinks, and not watch a minute of the game live, then have at it. Its money into the organization, and a few less times that I have to stand up to let someone out during the middle of a play.

Or when they return to their seats, during the play, they stand in the line of vision, blocking your view, and "high fiving" their buddies like they have returned from some great expedition. The result of bad manners or poor parenting? Who knows.

That's a total red herring. Football games already have a half-time break, and deep vein thrombosis is associated with sitting in cramped economy seats on 6 or 12 hour flights, not 2 hour flights (a half of football is generally less than 90 minutes).

And someone who leaves with an empty beer and returns with a full one (the case 99% of the time) is not someone who is getting up due to a medical need to stretch their legs.

It doesn't bug me too much if it only happens a couple of times, but I recall someone I sat near at IWS who seemed to get up about 10 times per game.

Except that as an older person and tall that my knees get sore from sitting for too long, this happens at work too. I find some relief from getting up once in a while and walking a bit. First few steps finds that they're a bit stiff.

That ain't no "red herring" to me or others who legs and joints are affected that way.

Deep vein thrombosis has other causes as well

DVT occurs most commonly in people who are over 50 years in age. Certain conditions that alter how your blood moves through your veins can raise your risk of developing clots. These include:

  • having an injury that damages your veins
  • being overweight, which puts more pressure on the veins in your legs and pelvis
  • having a family history of DVT
  • having a catheter placed in a vein
  • taking birth control pills or undergoing hormone therapy
  • smoking (especially heavy usage)
  • staying seated for a long time while you’re in a car or on a plane, especially if you already have at least one other risk factor

Those aren't "red herrings" either....

Your complaint that your knees get sore if you sit for "too long" doesn't grant any weight to the suggestion that sitting for 90 minutes at a time puts someone at risk for deep vein thrombosis.

And while deep vein thrombosis is a real phenomenon, I guarantee you that less than 1% of the people who frequently leave their seat at Ticat games are doing so to alleviate DVT risk. So yes, DVT absolutely IS a red herring as far as stadium discussion is concerned.

And I'm not saying that it necessarily does lead to DVT.

But your suggestion that this condition is strictly from sitting for 12 hours on a plane is totally wrong.

I'm simply correcting your assumption.

Like that everyone who leaves their seat is hunting for a beer...they may need to use the washroom (and not necessarily from drinking beer), they might want to get something to eat....

Unless you speak to EVERYONE in the stadium who leaves their seat, you CAN'T GUARANTEE anything.

I understand your frustration with those who leave their seats A LOT and, in doing so, lack any consideration for others around them.

However, making exaggerated assumptions does not help the cause.

The exaggeration at the heart of the discussion is your absurd suggestion that a medical issue that affects only a small percentage of people who sit in a car or airplane for more than four hours at a time (and affects only a small percentage of those affected in an acute way) has any relationship to what happens during a football game.

What I am saying is that not everyone who has to rise from their seat is looking for a beer.

And that DVT is not only caused by those who are sitting for long periods of time during commercial flights.

If you wish to draw conclusions from what you THINK your reading...I can do little about that...

Season ticket holders get tired of losing seasons and ultimately do not re subscribe. Besides you get lots of replays and can watch close calls frame by frame at home. About the NHL team, sadly Hamiltons NHL franchise moved away.

I used to go every home game, even had season tickets for a time.

Put up with some of the complaints I'm seeing on this thread, and others, for many years.

What finally caused me to give up my subscription and a lot of home dates were inconsiderate fellow seat sitters, poor officiating. Yes, bad teams didn't improve my enthusiasm.

Rather than "tilting at windmills", griping and being frustrated about things I can't control or change, I've decided to stay home and only do a few tickets a year.

There, I don't have people blocking my view or interrupting my enjoyment of the game repeatedly and rudely, I have an unobstructed path to my TV.

And when the officiating is intolerable, I can just change the channel.

There's no ticket or parking paid for. No long lines in front of my fridge. I get to determine the quality of my food.

What is "absurd" is tocontinue to barkinto the wind when there's no one listening.

FACT - Since 2008, the Stampeders are 71-16-1 at McMahon Stadium in Calgary. :o

That is home field advantage