Whatever happened to home field advantage??

We now have exactly 1 win in our last 13 home games!
That was the first game of the June Jones takeover on Labour Day against TOR.
We had a grand total of 3 home wins last season.
This season 1, with only 1 home game remaining! :-[

June Jones said when he took over
"You have to be able to win your home games and steal a few on the road to be able to make the playoffs or Grey Cup,"

When we first started playing at THF we had a string of 10 consecutive home wins.
What happened??

When the Talent Isn't there ........ !!!

The atmosphere at THF is just total dogshit compared to what it was at IWS. We don't even get loud. Like, not even close to loud enough to make a difference. I donteven want to make noise because nobody else does and you look like an asshole. Sorry to say but our field went from an intimidating place to play to just a regular old field in the city. No more special than BMO to the Argos.

Gone..Another year of total disappointment.

Home field advantage of THF or not, this team does not have the calibre to win period.

The year like any other since 1999-98 always starts out good and optimistic but this team always finds a way to fall flat on it's face, oh well always next year, always next year?

I think if we say this long enough we may actually convince ourselves that we have a team made up of actual professional players and a QB actually worth 500k?

It seems the time to rebuild is every season, whereas other teams like Calgary, Edmonton or even Ottawa build legacy's but the Tiger-Cats just seem to be happy with a team that provides entertainment and winning comes last, like it's a bonus if we win, rather than winning is everything!!!

Hey maybe, just maybe it could be next year Ti-Cat Fans or the year after and so on and so on...

We need to remember that when the win record was established at THF, the team was heading to their second Grey cup, that they almost won.

The following season, 2015, they were 8-4 until Zach went down, after that their season continued at 2-4.

You need to have the talent to make that environment what it is.

It's hard to keep up the volume when you have little to cheer for.

THF is the only place i know save for the platinum seats at ACC where the seats are hardly used and at THF its most of the stadium. Between apathy and poor design there is no home field adv. The place was mever built for the Cats it was built as a community/ neighbourhood stadium. While nice we are stuck with it until the 2115 Pan Am games.

THF, in the those first couple of years was considered one of the most intimidating places for visiting teams in the league.

I remember after the 2014 eastern final, Kent Austin was interviewed and said that following the last Banks touchdown, he had a difficult time communicating to his players to go for the PAT because the stadium was so loud. He said it sounded like there was 40 thousand in the stands.

I've been there when times were good and not so good since the place opened. The noise goes hand in hand with their performances.

It makes no sense to custom build a facility for a tenant whose only going to occupy for, at most, 11 dates a year. Don't forget, the city was not the only contributor to the cost. And, had little say into the design of it. And the major factor into that design was the PanAm games.

Complaining about where a fan chooses to sit after THEY PAY FOR THEIR TICKET, is a lost cause, and is entirely THEIR business.

You the best ????

For gosh sakes.....the stadium is not the problem. Was the old stadium intimidating when we were 1-17? A good team is the ONLY solution.

It is my business bc if you are not in your seat you are clogging up the concourse and when I who paid for my ticket would like to get a snack it takes over a quarter to get get served and back to my seat. So if you want to hang out go to a bar. The concourse now is for lagerlouts and cheapskates ( pay for upper deck seats and never sit there ) . It should however resolve itself. The team is a shitshow and I will be surprised if they get 50 per cent ST renewals. Always the entitled who yap the most.

I'm not sure where you're sitting that hitting a concession stand takes a full quarter of play, but that hasn't really been the case since the stadium opened (when the staff may have not had a clue as to what they were doing)

Even when the lines are full, it usually doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes to grab a poutine and drink...

Hey myhometeam. There are numbers on your ticket for a reason
Where are your seats. If better than mine by your reasoning i can sit in yours right. In fact we can all sit in yours.

Check the opposition timecount violations since the cats have moved into THF... especially in the 4th quarter, the crowds making noise, I know my section is.

This year may be the slight exception since the team was hot garbage for the first half of the season, hard to get motivated to make noise in a game thats out of reach

There have been some loud games at THF, but not nearly as many at IWS. At the old barn, you pretty much had to sit in your seat, but the place held 30, 000 and there were times it looked like that many were there. THF holds 24,000 and most games, even when we were winning, it didnt look full.

The problem I think is that there is a small core of Ticat/ CFL/ football fans that realize when a particular game or play is important and act accordingly. The rest is casual fans who get free tickets here and there or will only look at the record and go if the team is dominating, not just winning, but at the top of the heap. Ticat games seem to be an "event" for many, but only if they're winning.

Last nights game was a huge game and my friends and co-workers were making comments that showed they didn't understand the situation. "They're bad this year, Calgary killed us last time" etc.

A fan that follows would know that the team has done a 180 since the 1st Calgary game, has been playing much better and entertaining football and would have known how important a packed, loud THF would have been yesterday.

Even the fans that were there weren't making any noise late in the game. As one poster said, they seemed unaware, which made me feel somewhat silly being one of only a few people trying to get the noise level up.

I have nothing against casual fans, those are the ones we hope to turn into regular ones. Maybe the organization needs to look at this as an area to improve. Educate the newer fans so they will automatically know what to do. Some games I feel like I'm at an NHL expansion team home game (in one of their brilliant market choices) where they have to literally spell all the rules out on the jumbotron and tell people when to cheer. Funny, they wouldn't have to tell Hamilton NHL fans the rules...ah well, Vegas I guess.

This was my first year buying season seats and I have noticed that with every game the attendance has gone down, which in turn means we don't get as loud as we could to really have an impact. The loudest I saw us this year was labour day after the rain delay. I have never heard THF that loud and there were very few people left but I feel like the fans got tired of watching bad decisions costing us wins in the first half of the year and then when we started to turn around under new coaching bad decisions from refs costing us wins. Yes there were definitely plays in every game that we didn't make that had we made we could have won but when you have to play twice as hard or repeat the same play 3 times because the refs keep making bullshit calls it gets very frustrating as a fan. I am a diehard even if I'm new (3 years) and we will probably get season seats next year but I can see a lot of people not renewing. But hey! maybe if we bomb out so badly for a few years the league will dump everything into ensuring we win a grey cup just like they did last year with Ottawa and are going to this year with Toronto. Bomb out your season for a few years and the league will fix it so you win to entice fans back lol

The donut box is half empty most of this year.thats why there are so many discounted tickets around the city

We couldn't attend. I had no trouble finding friends to take my tickets. Football fans, and Tiger-Cat fans are attending, but I don't think there are 24,000 of us any more. Maybe too many tickets are for the people who just enjoy an outing, or who were asked to tag along. Doesn't take much to have them leave their seats or leave the stadium, apparently.

I’ve been to every game except two since we moved into THF and never was it half empty. It may look that way on TV but trust me there are thousands of people in each end zone and even more on the concourse. I would guess the worse we had was maybe 18 or 19K in the place. And maybe 14 or 15K sitting. The rest socializing.
How did you come to your conclusion of 1/2 empty?

There are not thousands in the end zones. I have sat in the Stipely several games and at most a few dozen in there with a few more behind the barrier. Thousands no.