Whatever happened to Holding

Watching the TOR/SASK game really to me brought up the question Why don't the refs call holding on the O lines more. I know there is holding on almost every play but recently and a lot tonight the was blatent holding right at the point of attack. The missed called went both ways and it doesn't seem to matter which referee is in there. For me it is on of the most frustrating non calls and then when it is called, it seems very random. Does anyone else feel this way or am I just blowing smoke outta my ***?

As long as the o-linemen have their hands inside the d-lineman's chest, not wrapped around, it is supposed to be ok. I've noticed more not called on special tems all around the league.

I'm talking blatent holding ( wrapping in a bear hug hold ing the d players arms down) a right at the point of attack.

I have noticed many blantant calls missed as well, most looking like tackles instead of blocks, oline men with the arms wrapped around a guys head taking him down......yet they continue to call questionable pass interfernce calls for the slightest bumps......the reffing is get worse not better in the cfl....I said it before, they need to tell the officials to just call the obvious stuff and forget about the questionable calls, it would make their jobs a lot easier and not stir up so much controversy.