whatever happened to cornelius anthony?

whatever happened to cornelius anthony?
I don't recall him being released.

He was released or unsigned. That was a while back

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Considering he was a huge reason as to why Moreno was traded last year (cuz Obie thought he was a better linebacker..), and then being released a few months later....

But yes, to answer your question - he was released in the winter.

I was waiting to hear a snide remark.
Yes, he was supposed to replace Moreno. What a mistake that was.
Thanks for the update.

P.S. Not signing Lumsden will also turn out to be a big mistake, from an on field and marketing perspective.
Too injury prone? He's not on the nine game injury list and potentially out for the season.

I love the Moreno and Lumsden talk.

Others will say that you are hijacking this thread but your points are both valid.

Moreno was a big mistake that Obie made. We can't forget that. We will only start to forget when he puts together a good winning team.

KK is starting to become the new Jesse Lumsden. All he has been for us is hurt. I think Jesse is good when he gets about half the carries so the pressure is not all on him to perfrom.

News flash!! Lumsden did not want to be here hence why he did not take the big money multi year deal he was offered last year. Also Linebacker is the least of our problem. we need a pass rush and another proven go to reciever when needed to make that clutch catch.

Can we move on now?

i think it was actually Creehan that thought he was better, because he coached him in Calgary

He didn't think he was better, he tought Anthony would be a suitable player so that we could trade Moreno to get a DE which we needed so desperately.

And we all know how well that turned out...