Whatever happened to Bob Hooper?

He worked with Russ for a few years. I also wondered what happened to him. Could he get the job again now, as Ticats play by play?

Well sure, if you want to have absolutely no idea what going on during the play.

8) Bob Hooper is now retired, and enjoying a life of leisure !!!!!

He was our best Play by Play voice since Perc Allen and a super nice guy!

Ah NO !!
Hooper was a great Stats man. When he switched I don't think he ever felt comfortable.
I am glad to hear he is enjoying his retirement.

Let bygones be bygones bring back Bob Bratina.

He was head and shoulders above Bob Hooper
as a play by play football announcer.


Besides providing an accurate picture
of what is happening on the field

I love how he is able to add stories
into his broadcasts about situations,
plays or players from past Ticat history
and compare them to today's situation.

On the topic of understanding what's going on in the game from a radio broadcast....brings to mind a very old example (yes, I'm old).

John Badham was a radio announcer for the Argos many years ago. What a homer he was; it coloured his description of the game.

For example, if the opposing team had the ball, it would go like this: "Wade takes the hike, hands off to John O'Leary, and he's hit and brought down by 2 Argo linebackers. Second down and 1 to go.">>> a very BRIEF description of a NINE YARD gain.

Then the Argos would have the ball, and it would be like this: "Ed Shuttlesworth takes the handoff, cuts left, spins right, bounces off one tackle, sees a hole to his left, tries to pick up the fullback's block, he's hit but bounces off, tries to spin to his left, now he's trying to break contain and get to the outside, oh and he's finally brought down. Argos ball, second down eight to go.">>>>>>ALL THAT FOR A TWO YARD GAIN.

Used to drive me batty......

That might have something to do with Toronto being the centre of the universe, or something.

8) He had a great announcers voice though !!!! :lol: :lol:

Bill Kelly is taking over for Roy Green..
He may also be Our new Voice of the TiCats

Green Retired a week or so ago..

He won't be gone for long. I just heard him on AM640 and will be returning soon for a weekend show.

Bill Kelly has more lives than a cat.

Maybe if Bratina comes back we can put a Geyser in at Centre Field???

Sure can and the Cfl willing, we can have Jake Ireland there every game.

Oh, my bad, That's a GEYser you want there, not an old GIEser.!!!:oops: :oops: :oops:

8) Great Idea !!! I'm sure Bratina would support your suggestion for sure !!!! :lol: :wink:

John Badham is still on the air. He does morning news (and opinion) at 980 CRUZ here in Peterborough. And he still sounds great :thup: .

8) Wow !!! Thanks for that update on John Badham's current location. I imagined he would have been retired by now !!!! Good to know that he still sounds great !!!!