Whatever happend to Shaun King?

Does anybody remember last year, I think before we signed Eakin, that they had invited former Miami Dolphins QB Shaun King up for a visit in the hopes of signing him?

Does anybody know if he’s still on our neg list and if there’s a chance we could get him on a contract to come to training camp…or if we should do that?

On nfl.com he’s listed as being with the Colts, but he’s not on their roster. Looks like he held a clipboard in Arizona for the Cardinals last year.



Oops, his one full season as a starter was with Tampa Bay, not Miami.

Red 24

I did a google search. He was signed by Detroit in 2006. Probably playing 3rd string.

After the way Maas played last year, I would have no obection to Desjardins calling up King to guage that player's interest in Hamilton.

I had a PM from Rob Katz during the season (from a Shaun King post that I had done) that in fact that he was on our neg list.

Whether he still is???

I looked a little further into this, and according to the Lions' website, he was signed on May 31. Then, according to Wikipedia, however, he was signed by the Colts on June 2nd, 2006 and released on Sept. 3rd. Wikipedia also says that the Bucs are thinking about signing him.


The one thing to note is that he is going to be 30 next year. More problematic, however, is a website I read that said that since he fell out of the first string role in Tampa Bay (which he held in 2000), he hasn't worked very hard to regain his form.