Whatcha gonna do Montreal when Ridermania runs wild on you!!

Ya!! Same as last time Montreal played for the grey cup............CCCHHHOOOKKKEEE!!!!

Actually, the way I read it he is saying 43-10 for the green. Welcome aboard convert.

I'm surprised that most people aren't giving the Riders much of a chance in this game. They are a young and scrappy team that is shaping up to be a powerhouse in the next few years to come. They arguably have the best coaching staff in the league. If their defensive line takes a page out of the Stamps from last year's Grey Cup and focus on knocking down Calvillo's passes on the line - they can nulify the Als.

I was at the game last weekend at the Big-O and believe me the Lions played terrible.
So as good as the Als might have looked.
I'm telling you the Argos would have clobbered BC last week.