Whatcha gonna do Montreal when Ridermania runs wild on you!!

I'm sick of the trash talk i've read so it's my turn. We got the D, receivers, special teams, coaches, RB's, Qb's, o-line, d-line, 13th man, George w. and Obama on our side brother!!!
We're the West Division Champs, regular season and playoffs brother!! We drew the line with the Champs all year baby and dominated them. We've had ups, we've had downs. We've won, lost, tied, persevered, battled, and that's only playing 3 quarters of football brother!!!
I'm on the Rider wagon with Miller and company to Calgary. I'm calm, cool, confident, and proud!!!! :rockin:

No hyped, piped, high flying, electrifying, jet ridin' should be sellin' Eskimo Pie lookin' quarterback or his white, blue, ET ROUGE teammates is gonna lower my chin brother!! I'm proud, i love it loud, i can't wait!!

A.C. thanks for the memories, you are a CFL Super Star!!! But whatcha gonna do brother when Double D, Stevie B, Ryan G, Johnny C, and Ridermania RUN WILD ON YOU BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear ballboy,

As you will kindly notice, your post has been removed. Thank you for not trolling in the Saskatchewan forum. Oh yes...and name calling is entirely unnecessary.

firstly there is a whole lot wrong with your statement that i will ignore as i like the enthusiasm…but i do want to clarify that there was hardly a dominating performance by the riders against calgary…yes you won…but they were close games, either way good luck, your team is gonna need all of it to derail that seemingly unstoppable monster in montreal :thup:

Riders won by 10pts and should have won by 16.. Stamps were fortunate to get their last 6, as the Rider D took their foot of the pedal a bit..but any hopes of a comeback were snuffed out by a INT on the 2pt convert attempt.. I just may buy you a green Team Canada Jr. jersey so you can wear it proudly on Sunday... :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats funny I saw the Riders totally dominate the Stamps after halftime? I predicted a 10 point win I predicted the largest TV viewing audience so I'm on a roll here :slight_smile: so I'll predict another huge TV audience and a Rider win in the 97th Grey Cup,they have Canada cheering for them they will have home field advantage with the sea of Green. Montreal is good but not unbeatabe I have seen this many times in Hockey and Football, Riders going into this game with no pressure, its all on the Als and they will be all alone on this one, doubt you will hear anyone cheer when they score a point! :slight_smile:

Yeah, undefeated through 4 games against Calgary is not dominating at all.... Oh and winning by a total of 26 points in the last two sure points to close games...

1 point win, OT tie, no those were def dominating games by you guys, ill admit that the last reg season game was a pretty bad game for us...but 10 points is dominating? because of one INT on a 2 pointer? really? i disagree

:cry: let me get you a kleenex jakob its hard being a :cowboy:

hard being an emoticon? regardless i was just pointing out that there was no domination once again good luck lol

Who cares about Calgary? They’re done. Let Jakob7 think whatever he wants. We ended their season and we’re taking their locker room Sunday. Dominating performance or not…who cares? We had more points the the Stumps. See ya next year.

It doesn’t make a difference if we win on sunday or not because he will still run his mouth about something…just ignore it and it will go away…maybe. Time to focus on the Als and hopefully we can put together a flawless 60 minutes and bring the Grey Cup back to Saskatchewan!

jeez i wish you good luck and this is the thanks i get. i think you all hate me just cause it makes you feel better and cannot bring yourself to think that im doing anything but trashing you...that hurts :cry: lol

Question: If you're say, Nick Lewis, and you cleared your locker out for say, Chick or Baggs, do you throw a little itching powder inside as a final "thanks and good luck"?

It would cross MY mind!


Your fruit basket is on its way with a big thank you card inside. Nah I don't hate you...be a waste of energy hating someone I don't even know. I don't even find you annoying if that makes you feel any better :slight_smile: You got a ways to go before you reach the levels of a couple of special folk around here. I just don't care about Calgary or games we had with them this year right now. Besides this is our forum. If we want to say we dominated you by one point then we will.

Ha! I think it would cross my mind too..I think Nik is probably working on some dance moves for every catch he makes next year. He is going backwards..used to be for touchdowns..then first downs..so next year it will be every catch..then after every play. The number of dances will go up but the importance of said dances..well not so much.

I think they should just avoid that locker...I'm sure there is more than enough room in Hank's locker for the entire team. I mean he has to keep his helmet in there, right?

LOL im not gonna lie that was extremely funny

Holy cow, i have a different opinion Jacob7. Close games, ties, 10pts, 16pts, yada, yada, yada. If your season series with a team is 3-0-1...you dominated them, sorry.

he's just trying as hard as he can to get something out of nothing...

LOL exactly at least let me have that after the brutal season the stamps had lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatcha gonna do Montreal when Ridermania runs wild on you!!
Huh The same as the last time

43 to 10

what a troll and a dreamer!