What Your Ticket Entitles You

I took a quick look at the back of my ticket & I didn't see anything that says I'm entitled to yell & scream profane-laden insults towards the players & coaches & staff in the closing moments of a frustrating loss @ Ivor Wynn.

Background - I sit in Row 1 of Box I beside the aisle that separates Boxes I & J right where the players congregate & enter/exit the playing field. It's also right where fans enter/exits the stands and is the spot where fans can get closest to the players/staff. I have sat there for decades but by no means am I an old codger being only in my early 40's.

What bothers, angers & disappoints me is the way some, (far too many in my mind), so-called fans think it's their ticket-holding right to hurl insults, derogatory statements & profanity at the team when they're leaving the stands. It's disgusting behavior and makes me feel embarrassed to be a TiCats fan at times.

I understand fan's frustrations. I understand their disappointment. I share it. But these are human beings. They are people. There is no way these bad-fans would behave similarly anywhere else in open society. If they said the same kind of things after a bad meal at a restaurant or a disappointing movie in the theatre ... They'd be arrested! But somehow they feel it's acceptable to behave so atrociously & explain/justify it by saying they paid for their ticket & it's their god given right!

I almost laugh sometimes because that little 6 foot wall seems to give to, what I will call cowards, a sense of bravado that they can take liberties with grown men that if it was not for their self-control & professionalism ... Would pound them into oblivion.

It's laughable at times but then I look at some of the players and realize how wrong it is. They play football because they love the game. And the way CFL salaries are, we know it's 90% love & passion and 10% financial. They do not deserve to be treated in such a horrible manner. They are young men playing a game they love, trying to do their best to win and make everyone feel a little better about their own lives because the home team won!

I realize this will most likely be a lightening rod as far as posts & responses from disgruntled & frustrated fans of which I am one as well. I look forward to the intelligent conversation that ensues & as always, if someone presents a valid counter point & I am wrong, I will fully admit it.

Good post. :thup:


While fans are certainly allow to voice their displeasure, there is certainly no need to take it to the next level.

Alcohol, plus the barrier you speak of, does add height and weight to these clowns.

Just look at the guys that are doing this. They are there to get an audience and attention they are very brave in a big crowd.

8) How right you are.
  However this is not a new happening, regarding these classless cowards, who sit behind the TiCat bench, and spew out
  their obscenities at certain players or coaches.

   Just ask Jason Maas, Casey Printers, Paul Osbaldiston and Charlie Taffee about it !!!  Even Danny Mac.

or Chris Bauman, or Brock Ralph, or go back to the time of Tom Clements.

Excess alcohol, a brick wall and the anonymity of being in a big crowd puts a lot of fake courage into these brutish cowards. Hamilton isn't the only place that has them, but it seems to have its fair share and maybe more.

It's absolutely not the fans that sit there game after game it's the walk arounds, the seat jumpers and the drunk tools on their way for more beer. Those of us that sit there every game get to know the players and they get to recognize us. The real obscene crap comes from the ones you've never seen before and never will again. There hasn't been a coach yet that hasn't pointed directly at the stairwell and directed security to clear the turds out of it, they tend to gather there.
Those that get seats there and are abusive to players don't last long, and maybe they don't get challenged down at fenderguys area but if you come into our area and start berating anyone on that field during any game expect to be challenged.

Are you saying they shouldn't yell and tell the players and coaches how bad they really are or are you saying they shouldn't swear when they do this? If you show up to the game I think you have every right to let them know how you feel. This is getting sad how bad we are in the second half of games and how or D cant stop a thing.

The way fans treated Mike Morreale for a few years was almost criminal.

Ozzy was the target of so many hurtful insults for awhile, he actually had to finally "flip the bird" to the crowd.

Yup, brave souls those drunken morons protected by a wall are :roll:

I'm saying that if you or anyone else want to leave their seats and come down and try and find an unused seat for the sole purpose of telling players in every way possible they suck you'll either return to your seat in short order or you'll end up outside looking in. We hear so much stupidity just from the walk arounds and drive by mouths. The one that made Mass flip the bird, "no wonder your kids won't move here, they don't even want to be seen with you". Now if that's acceptable to you, you've got bigger issues than a struggling football team.
One special case used to yell at Sudsy that he knows where he lives, went on for two years before he got the hint no one found him funny and he was confronted by other fans, AC actually had one "fan" lean over the rail and start throwing ice from a cup at him.....and again if any of this sounds ok to you, stay in your seat and don't put it beside me.

Deerhunter, both Oz and Mike would be the first to defend the fans siting directly behind the bench, their hecklers were the same as yesterdays, walkabouts and people that for whatever reason can't seem to stay in the seat they paid for. When Mike's family were verbally attacked in the stands it most certainly wasn't fans from behind the bench that went and found them to harrass them.

Unused seats... what are you talking about? like my post said im talking about people that have seats and come to the game, so if your seats are behind the bench I have no problem with you yelling at the players when they suck. I don't think they should be swearing at them but if they wanna yell anything else go for it. If the players don't like it they should start winning and it would be all cheers.

Thats weird ,are you sure it doesnt entitle you to smoke pot in the stands, and blow it into the face of a pregnant woman, as some people in sec 23 thought it did.

Deerhunter, both Oz and Mike would be the first to defend the fans siting directly behind the bench, their hecklers were the same as yesterdays, walkabouts and people that for whatever reason can't seem to stay in the seat they paid for. When Mike's family were verbally attacked in the stands it most certainly wasn't fans from behind the bench that went and found them to harrass them.
Yes, you are correct.........thanks for pointing that out..........I agree, the [u]regular season's ticket holders[/u] behind the bench are great and, in fact, almost have to police the area themselves to protect the bench from being targets of the morons who invade the area for the sole purpose of insulting players, coaches and , as you say, even the families of players........pretty sick stuff!

I was always a "south stands" guy but one game went over there just to see and listen to the abuse my self from "walk-abouts" as you describe them.....(probably "stagger-abouts" most times).......wow!....I was shocked to say the least.

Wasn't Danny Mac threatened physically at some point also ?.......or his family?..I seem to recally hearing about it

Very simple solution to end this behaviour: win more games!

The simplest solution is to act with respect. You can voice your displeasure (as I have on more than one occasion) but it is never ever acceptable to attack anyone's family, friends, religion or race - just totally unacceptable. I have been attending Ticat games for 30 years and I still cannot believe some of the insults thrown at the Ticats - even with children sitting nearby. Most of the fans are respectful and voice proper displeasure - but others need to be taken into the alleys for a makeover. What is proper displeasure you ask - no cursing or personal attacks. It's these few fans that make the rest of us look like thugs. I have a solution for the fowl mouthed morons - ask the Ticats organization if they can suit up against the player (that they are belittling) and settle the dispute on the gridiron - yeah I thought not.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank-you 2nd!

Agreed! 100%!