What years did Michigan State quarterback play for Ticats?


 I grew up in metro Detroit and used to love to watch Kirk Gibson play college football at Michigan State before he turned to baseball. I know he caught passes from a quarterback named Eddie Smith who spent some time with Hamilton.

  Anybody know what years, what the team was like and how he did?.


Eddie SMITH came into Hamilton around 1979 or 1980 with another rookie QB named Dave MARLER. He showed well in camp but suffered a career ending knee injury and never played again.


You're right on the years Mike, but he actually did get through camps and was our co-No 1 QB with Marler in 1979 and played quite a bit...

Give us the MSU QBs Tommy, and we will tell you if they had success in the CFL.

cfltommy here is the real scoop on Eddie Smith: He was a highly publicized off-season signing in 1979 (and projected starter) after being known as a great passer at MSU. He struggled early in the season with bad tendonitis in the elbow of his throwing arm. He shared quarterbacking duties with Dave Marler until Marler ripped up his knee on the seam running through the centre of Exhibiton Stadium in Toronto in game five of that year. Smith, was suddenly the starter but it didn't last long as the 'Cats acquired Tom Clements in a mid-season trade with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Here are Eddie Smith's final stats after his one and only year with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1979: 61 COMP. - 137 ATT. 794 YDS. - 4 - TDS. - 13 INT..

Man I love these trivia trips down memory lane; now can anyone remember who was traded to get Clements?

As I recall, it was for Hamilton tight end Lawrie Skolrood, who Saskatchewan converted to an offensive tackle, and the Tiger-Cats first round draft pick.

If i'm not mistaken Lou CLARE also came to Hamilton with Tom Clements.

Mightypope can you confirm?


I thought we gave up a very good O lineman to get Clements ?? I cant remember his name !!!!

I remember giving up Larry BUTLER for Bernie RUOFF. He was a good O-Lineman.


Yes that was the guy i was thinking of , he was an awesome player but i`m glad we got Ruoff as he was very good as well !!!

Yes, now that you mention it mike619, I believe Lou Clare came back to Hamilton in that trade.

While we are on memory lane, we then traded Clements to Winnipeg for Dieter Brock, and played Winnipeg in the Cup the next year.
Interesting note on Tom Clements.
He retired in 1987 and won the league MVP that same season.
Does anyone else know of a player who retired after a MVP season?
I do not off-hand, but I found that interesting.

I thought that Clements who had struggled very badly with the Riders was picked up on waivers by Joe Zuger. I remember that Zuger waited to get him because the waiver price went down the longer that Tom was being waived.

I can't remember it being a trade, but I could be wrong.

Sazio was still GM then, not Zuger.Clements came here via trade.

In 1983 Clements was traded from Hamilton to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for long-time Blue Bomber quarterback Dieter Brock, at the time both where unhappy with their respective teams. The next year those two teams, Hamilton and Winnipeg, faced each other in the Grey Cup. Clements led the Bombers to their first Grey Cup victory since 1962. In 1986 he set a new completion percentage record with 67.5, 173 out of 256. Clements finished his playing career with Winnipeg in 1987 and was also named the league's Most Oustanding Player. and was elected in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame

Russ Jackson did the same thing in 1969. Most Outstanding Player Award and a Grey Cup championship to boot.


thanks for the info. What I remember about eddie was a strong arm, but he was very short, and not really big enough for pro ball. He had a strong arm, but was probably not big enough to take the pounding.