What would you think if...........?

Ok, these trades would probably never happen, but what would YOU think if they did?

Riders trade:
Matt Dominguez

to the Lions for:
Geroy Simon

Trade #2

Riders trade:
DJ Flick
Wes Cates

to the Bombers for:
Derek Armstrong
Charles Roberts

Again, these trades would probably NEVER happen but what would you think if they did?

I'm a 1st time Rider season ticket holder!!!!

Im not a fan of Geroy so I don't like the 1st trade. I also think Cates fits our system better than Roberts would being as he is a much better receiving back than Roberts, although not as good rushing the ball.

First off, welcome to the club and we'll see you on gameday!

I was trying to figure out why we'd want Geroy after a statistical slump last year, but then I thought, why on earth would BC want Matt Dominguez? LOL. Yea should it ever happen I don't think either team would be greatly improved or would falter much.

The second one is a deal I'd have taken even as recently as a few years ago. We missed Armstrongs premier years in football, due to choices he made. I don't feel its right to reward him for that. It's sort of like the Scott Flory deal. We don't want too many guys in the twilight of their career. Could Roberts have an impact? Yea probably. But, for my money Roberts is also too old, and to build entirely new offensive schemes just for Blink would be a waste of time and talent. Fred Reid on the other hand...


Not that either of those trades is even remotely likely to happen but....

Statistical drop-off from Geroy? That is one way to describe leading the league in receiving yards.
If Matt is healthy, he is as good as Geroy, but the big question mark is on the Dominguez side, not the Simon side, even though Simon is older.
As for Armstrong and Roberts---both players are better, and significantly so, than Flick/Cates, so that is a no brainer, ie., Taman would need to have no brains to make the offer, and ET no brains to not accept....
Roberts is THE best back in the league. Cates is pretty much average. Maybe 4th...
Armstrong vs. Flick, Armstrong is simply a better receiver. And the fact that Roberts and Armstrong are apparently too old should be fearful to the Riders then, because Cates is the same age as Roberts, and Flick is only one year younger than Armstrong.
I am not sure why anyone would have a problem with Armstrong playing in the NFL? Not even remotely the same thing as the Scott Flory fiasco.

And Roberts is a very good pass receiver, or so say his stats and would slip into our system with ease. Cates is a better blocker....but that is it.

Trade # 1

The trades are too even.
It is my experience that a starting WR for a starting WR just won’t happen. It just doesn’t make any sense.

IF it did happen, I would say why did they do that? That was a stupid trade on both teams.

Huh... great.


That's the funny thing about Geroy. All throughout last season the talk was about how his production had dropped off. And then he ended up on top again. It took until about week 12 before they started to use him. But once they started....look out!