What would you think about Sudsie as a guest coach?

I heard that Marshall is considering inviting "Our Don" to be a guest defensive coach at camp.

I say that it would be an awesome idea.
Don has too much CFL knowledge to be in his easy chair!!!
I know Sudsie and Lancaster never saw eye-to-eye.

What does everyone think?

You are preaching to the choir on that one, blackandgld.

I can hear them chiming in as I write this.

Sudsie was here 2 years ago but left training Camp early.

His knees make it easier for him to be in his easy chair, b@g

It is hard for him to stand on the field for many hours at a time.

He was scouting for us at that time as well.

Last football season he stayed in Waterloo to help Coach Mc Fee.


Sudsie and Lancaster buried the hachet a long time ago.

I like the idea.

When Sudsie was being added to the wall of honour last year, he was asked (by Leslie?) whether he'd ever coach with the Cats again (in appropriate question under the circumstances, IMHO), and Sutherin gave a harmless but open-ended answer along the lines of "Never say never". Don't recall his exact words.

As long as they don't let him teach the prevent defence.