what would you prefer private or community?

OK this is just a question that i want to hear opinions about. Would the fans in winnipeg rather have a community owned team or a privatley owned team.

That's a pretty dumb Question.

I mean fans are probably going to want the Community owned team due largely to the fact fans in Winnipeg are used to it and it seems to work for them even if we seem to lose money yearly because our Stadium is 50+ years old.

The fact is depending on if the blue get any offers(unlikely) that Aspers plan is the best as it does seem to really solidify the teams finacial situation. It just needs garantees that the team can't be moved and such.

The team could not be moved even with a private owner.
Where the heck could he move it too, Brandon?
There is no where else in Canada that can support a CFL team,lol
The Ottawa Bombers,lol I dont think so.

Don’t Ever Doubt a persons ability to do wierd things. Asper wouldn’t do it, but I can see the Gliebermans doing things like moving a team to Shreveport… oh yeah they did do that didn’t they. And it’s just Garantee fans in Winnipeg Need after the whole Jets thing, The team has been in Winnipeg for 110+ years Fans don’t want a chance of it ever leaving, with Community owned that’s the Garantee it gives.

If Asper would get the team that’s fine aslong as he is the only one who can get the team upon his Death or Legally being unable to own the team(Comma, goes to Prison, Goes insane) the team reverts to Community owned with some way of setting up a Board of Governers.(Season Ticket holders can be involved or something like that)

The city of Winnipeg and the CFL would not allow a team from Winnipeg to be moved.
That will be part of the agreement.
The Gliebermans situation is a bad comparison.
Asper is actually buying the team for the sole purpose of keeping the team in Winnipeg.
Asper is the one investing in a new stadium,retail space and parkade that will lock the team in Winnipeg.
No one in the CFL history has ever had such a large long term plan set up for just 1 team.
I hope Asper sets a new standard accross the CFL.

...Asper would probably laugh at the suggestion of moving the Bomber franchise... his home town is Wpg. for starters...he knows the business climate in the Peg. and is very aware of the solid fan base that exists ..so on those points i think you can rule out any movement of this franchise....especially to a city like Ottawa that has shown to be very 'finicity' about its support of the CFL in the past...and as far as Aspers starting all over again in a new franchise in the east.....forget it... :lol:

Yep. I vote Dumb Question.

what is aspers offer
develop polo park land
add tax payer stadium with free football team

well doesn’t really matter much the team got out of debt and will help mthem push on staying a community team. i just wanted to see what other thought cuz i know i prefer the community owned team. but dav asper is a very solid name in the city and would benefit the team.

I dont think this is a dumb question. I think it is a very serious question to be honest.
I myself am going with the Asper plan.

I wouldn't let just anybody take over the Bombers. But I would let Asper have it for the new stadium. He's a Winnipegger and would do what it takes to make the team successful in Winnipeg.

And he'd never move the team, that'd be just stupid.