What would you like to see on Ticats TV????

What Great Thing this Ticats TV is .
I love to see The Inside locker room
now That it is Full of Activity

One thing the would Improve Ticats TV is being able to play Videos Full Screen.
The Small window is nice but full Screen Would be Great

What would you all Like to see??
Any Suggestions

Cheerleaders on Howard Stern's show :slight_smile:


Bob Young playing the harmonica wearing a red fedora, an ArgoSuceux tshirt with cut off sleeves, accompanied by a pet monkey holding a tip cup :lol:

Right click and click on zoom :roll:

I find that in both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer, the "zoom in" function results in larger video, but crops out much of the original video frame. I'm pretty sure my Adobe Flash plugin is up to date, too. I haven't tried it on Mac or Linux.

Personally I find it absurd that they insist on embedding the video in a proprietary player.

If you're savvy enough, it's still possible to figure out where the video files are stored and download them to open in your own player and view in fullscreen, but you shouldn't have to jump through hoops to do so. Don't they WANT people to watch these things? Isn't that the point of making them? Wouldn't that make it easier to get sponsors?

I don't understand why they won't just make each video file/stream directly accessible through a link on the website and let us watch it in the video player or browser plugin of our choice, as God intended...

I also find that the volume and seek sliders behave strangely when I view the embedded videos. In particular, the volume slider tends to follow my mouse in the horizontal dimension even after I've let go of the slider or even clicked elsewhere in the player area. It almost always results in the volume accidentally being turned to zero. The buffering also seems to act strangely at times. I think it would be difficult to create a more frustrating experience even if they wanted to.

The content in Ticats TV is great. The user interface is awful.

I find this particularly ironic since our Caretaker has a background in the software industry.

On a slightly unrelated note, I just tried plugging the ticats.ca homepage into the W3C Markup Validation Service (validator.w3.org), and it fails validation with 34 errors.

The homepage doesn't appear to fare any better against accessibility validators.

In principle I love what they've tried to accomplish with the website, but the execution is questionable. It would be easier to overlook the shortcomings of the website if they would at least put a competitive product on the football field. Here's hoping...

That Not Full Screen it Kuwaiti Movie kind
Plus Video Quality Drop to awful Look at

That Not Full Screen it Kuwaiti Movie kind
Plus Video Quality Drop to awful Look at
I play Video on Both My TV and Computer Monitor.

Full screen = a lot more bandwidth.

It would take a lot longer for the videos to load and the team would have a MUCH bigger bill for their server. You don't seem to understand how the internet works.

How about some of the on field action from the camp. Hearing about the new stands and the amount of water the guys are downing is great, but how about some insight on and images of the battles for positions, or the great play hi-lights. The training camp reports seem to be about all of the things on the outside edges of camp and not about the camp itself. I would love to see some of the players profiled through their actions during camp. We keep hearing about it but never seem to see anything good.

What we see now on Ti-Cats TV just seems to be filler.

I really liked seeing those segments on the players workouts...good insights on plyometrics and game/sports specific training.

I liked the miced up with agent zero, now I want to see them mic up Zeke.

more interviews
how the players winters went
what they did
reciver vs db drills

Okay… I just saw the TiCats TV coverage of day 10 with “Oh” miked up. It was the best so far. Some good action and actual coverage of what happens at the camp. Things that most of us would never get to see and hear without being on the field. Much better than what I had seen before my earlier post.

PS - Man Kori sure fires off the ball quickly! Nice!

To hell with the player's and coach's sound bites (relax, I didn't mean that literally :lol: )......but seriously, that's all anyone hears.....the same old predictable stuff from them (and for good reason....and I do I understand that stuff and why it's said.....it's marketing)

But.....what I'd like to see is a "roving" reporter/videographer go amongst the fans in the stands and under the stands to get a true record of what the fans see and feel during the course of a game.......the sights, the sounds, the fun, the boozing (oooops, did I say that?) :wink:

To answer the question: A winning football team.

That was fantastic! I really like KD (and I don't mean Kraft Dinner, although I like that too). He's hilarious and he's really got some speed and strength.

I'd like to see more of those segments and more player interviews.

A full length movie of the wash cycle for all the towels used on game day. I'd like to know what detergent is used. What kind of cycle. Do they use fabric softener? Are they thrown in the dryer? Is a dryer sheet used? If so, what kind? Do they do it on high, med, air tumble, or permanent press?

That was fantastic! I really like KD (and I don't mean Kraft Dinner, although I like that too). He's hilarious and he's really got some speed and strength.

I'd like to see more of those segments and more player interviews.

It was okay...but I didn't like the mindless drivel of someone just talking and yelling because he was mic'd up. I want to hear plastic pop and coverage calls, not crap like being the "mustard on my hot dog".

Boy that was funny :roll: You could hear everyone rolling around in guffaws at the humour...or not.

Mic up someone like Casey, Zeke, Hage or Glasper.

Sheesh, someone is grumpy. :stuck_out_tongue:

There wasn’t a whole lot for him to say. It was non-contact practice. I think it would be much better to have them mic’d up during a game. Best sound bite ever came from Zeke.

Sheesh, someone is grumpy. Razz
Not this kid!

Never better!

Ya that's what we need video of players yelling out calls they'd use in a game, and of course they should also have video of them running plays, also they should have a place on this site where i can download the offensive and defensive playbooks as well complete with coaches signals.