What would you do

Homeless Man Takes Shelter Under Grill Cover Before Being Arrested - video Dailymotion

would you have him arrested or would you try to show him some compassion and kindness?

Under grill?

I would have arrested him. You can't be ringing people's doorbells at 5 in the morning and scaring the women and children.

Unfortunately the system is broken so in the long term it won't solve anything.

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Arresting him, taking him to a nice warm jail where he gets out of the cold and gets fed for a few days is in some ways compassionate.....


thought of that although some might say it would be a bit of a cop out.

I might have tried to give him warm clothes and some food and hot drink.

For the possible protection of my family, I woud have asked him to step back and put stuff out for him to come and get after I closed my door.

I might also try to talk to him to find out his story and if there was any other way I could help him in the short term.


First and foremost, it’s a sad situation and a sad commentary on the state of our society. I’m not sure these homeowners were calling to get him arrested. They might have simply wanted to have him removed from their property by the police to take him to a shelter or a holding cell or hospital.
(I’m at my work and it’s loud, so I could be missing something)
Anybody with children in the house would probably do this.
Looking at this person, I would assume that talking to him would be futile if not dangerous.
I pray he gets the help he needs.


But, government cut backs hit these programs a long time ago and they also are not wanting to find new money the help these people.
Many struggle with many different mental illnesses and or addictions.
It does not matter why they are the street it only matter that they are on the street. No matter what the solution is the one solution that we should not consider is to just let them die


Whole heartily agree on that.

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In larger cities, like Edmonton, you can call 211 to get non-police help.


A good idea, if done properly.

...and many struggle from mental injury, like PTSD. There is an 80% chance people with complex ptsd (CPTSD) will end up on the street. People with CPTSD are far more likely to have executive dysfunction (Autism, ADHD etc) problems in addition to PTSD symptoms.

The system for getting support currently is difficult to apply for, takes forever to get results from, and is largely unchanged from the barbaric treatment the mentally ill received in the 1950's.

If I wasn't married and my wife did not have a very good paying job I might be among those on the street. I'm one of the lucky ones and my support money was approved after the application I started last February was finally approved this week.


I have been in the same boat for the last 25 years. God bless my wife for her love and patience

Most people do not know how many people live on the street. They certainly do not know the mental health issues these people are dealing with and that EVERY government in power past present and future do nothing or pay lip service to helping these people.
Furthermore, most of the people that do know anything about this see these people as disposable and not worth the time effort and money to help.
I have first hand knowledge of a provincial minister of health who privately thinks it would be best if these people would just die. Publicly he says the right things but underfunds programs and cuts funds in others area that would help these people.... And do you do not get the wrong idea, I am not talking the minister in charge in my home province. Even though the underfunding and program cuts happen here too, I have never heard this person privately say anything.

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